Alumni & Friends

You can support the School of Communication and Information in many ways – not just by donating money. We welcome you to contact us to discuss a range of opportunities to provide career, programmatic, and financial support to our students and our faculty.

Financial support

We always welcome your financial support.  Financial contributions to SC&I may be directed to particular needs such as student scholarships and faculty research projects, or may be contributed to a general support fund for the school or one academic area. Contact Linda Christian, Director of Development for SC&I.

Our academic areas

Dean’s Excellence Fund
Journalism and Media Studies
Library and Information Science
Doctoral Education

Our centers and institutes

Alexandria Project Lab []
Center for Communication and Health Issues []
Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries (CISSL) [ ]
Interdisciplinary Studies in Information Privacy and Security []
Invitational Master’s Student Institute []

Providing internships and job opportunities

We are a professional school with three undergraduate programs (communication, journalism and media studies, and information technology and informatics), two master’s programs (communication and information studies, and library and information science), a continuing professional education program, and a doctoral program.

Internships:  Our students at the undergraduate and master's levels are encouraged to complete internships, especially if they have no formal work experience in their chosen fields.  Interns work under the supervision of qualified professionals in your workplace, typically completing 150 hours during a given semester.  They bring you enthusiasm and a fresh perspective, and you offer them the opportunity to learn the ropes.  If you are interested in offering internships for our students, please contact our Student Services office at 848-932-7550 or email:

Job and Internship Listings:  SC&I sponsors a Career Services website where you can post opportunities that would be appropriate for current and graduating students and alumni working in fields related to SC&I curricula.  Just visit our Career Services page and select Post a Job.

Career advising:  The sixteen SC&I student organizations are always interested in hosting experienced professionals who are willing to speak with them about career development in their fields – advice about courses to take, strategies for job hunting, interviewing techniques, and navigating a successful career path.  To get in touch with an appropriate student leader to volunteer your time, contact Hester Coan, Assistant Director of Student Services for Career Services and Alumni Relations at

Attending public events

In a typical semester SC&I has dozens of guest speakers, dissertation and research presentations, and other colloquia which may be of interest to you.  Just check the SC&I homepage periodically to check our “News and Events" calendar.

A special note to alumni

SC&I alumni include not only those students who have graduated from the school since it was established in 1982, but also graduates of the communication, journalism, and library studies programs at Rutgers that go back to the 1920s. We welcome all alumni to become reacquainted with us.  You might enjoy attending some of the colloquia and other public events we hold during the year, or volunteering to speak at a gathering.  Many alumni choose to become involved in the SC&I Alumni Association which holds social and other events in support of student life at SC&I.  For details about this organization, check their website at

The SC&I Alumni Association is a chartered organization of the university-wide Rutgers University Alumni Association.  All Rutgers graduates are automatic members of the RUAA with no dues required.  Information on RUAA events and volunteer opportunities can be found at