The Rutgers Distributed Laboratory for Digital Libraries

Director: Paul B. Kantor 

Director of Graduate Program: Nicholas Belkin 

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Details on the Spring 2001 Seminar Series.


What is the RDLDL

A statement of our mission and an invitation to join us.


Who are we

A list of the faculty associated with the RDLDL that includes their research interests, contact information and links to personal and project web pages.


Graduate Assistanship

A description of the Graduate Associate Program. It includes a job description and an online application which can also be found at



This collection includes the plan for creation of the RDLDL written by Paul Kantor in 4/14/98 as well as a list of Progress reports:


Lab meetings

These are weekly events intended to acquaint graduate students from diverse disciplines with some of the central intellectual and technical issues associated with the development of Digital Libraries. They usually last for an hour and a half and include pizza!


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Contact us at
RDLDL; SCILS Building, Room 214; 4 Huntington Street; New Brunswick, NJ 08903 (732) 932-7705; fax: (732) 932-1504
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