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The Department of Communication offers a 33-credit undergraduate major in Communication that prepares you to engage practically and intellectually with these contemporary challenges. Our Communication (COMM) major focuses on the nature, diversity and impact of communication on the evolution of the individual, group and institutions within society. In business, government, civil society and personal relationships, we are continually called upon to be competent communicators. We are expected to foster collaborative and civil discourse, cope with conflict, elicit and share information, and make clear and persuasive presentations of ideas and concerns. 

As mentioned, the major requires completion of 33 credits of coursework in Communication: 5 courses (15 credits) in core areas and 6 courses (18) credits in the student's areas of interest in communication.

Attached is a PDF of the Communication Department's Undergraduate Student Handbook which has all the details about the major.

The Communication major, like all undergraduate majors at SC&I, requires an application process separate from the Rutgers University application. In order to apply, students must have satisfactory grades in the Communication prerequisite survey course 189:101, a basic expository writing course, a minimum GPA, and a written statement submitted with their application. Admission to the Communication Major is very competitive.  Use the link to the right to find detailed application information.

Click here for a link to the Library Tutorial supporting Comm 201 and other communication research needs.

Program-level Learning Goals

Upon successful completion of the Communication Major, students should be able to demonstrate:

- Understanding of fundamental communication perspectives, theories and concepts

- Ability to use communication theories and concepts to analyze human behavior (including interpersonal, family, group, health, organizational or mediated settings)

- Proficiency in gathering and using evidence to study and understand communication processes and consequences (including asking questions and systematically attempting to answer them, understanding the value and limitations of the research processes and conclusions)

- Competency in written and oral communication in varied settings (including interpersonal, family, group, health, organizational or mediated settings)

- Ability to apply communication theories and concepts to social and professional life (including issues of diversity, ethics and civic engagement)

B.A. / MCIS Joint Degree Program

For more information about the B.A./MCIS Joint Degree Program, please see the link at the Graduate MCIS page here.

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The Department of Communication has an undergraduate listserv -- -- to provide information to Communication majors about:

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All new and current Communication majors are automatically subscribed. Majors do not have to subscribe, and cannot unsubscribe.  Your email address used for nb_communication_majors is the one you have provided to Rutgers Unversity, listed on the PeopleFind directory, at   If you want to change it, simply go to the bottom of that page and change your directory information.

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