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Human Information Behavior

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Behavior vis-a-vis information as it bears on problems in library and information services and forms a theoretical and professional base for such services. Diverse contexts of information behavior; processes of information seeking, searching, using, and valuing. Assessment of studies of human information behavior in terms of relevance to library and information services.

Learning Objectives:

  • Orientation to human information behavior, library and information science and the relationship between the two.
  • Instruction, practice and reflection on reading about, discussing and writing about information behavior.
  • Recognition of the differences between professional and scholarly literature. 
  • Developing increasing awareness for information behavior in all aspects of life.
  • Introduction to techniques for recording, analyzing and conceptualizing information behavior in professional settings.
  • Survey of specific research findings about information behavior in a variety of different contexts.
  • Introduction to specialized practices to facilitate the pursuit of a variety of information behaviors as an information professional.
  • Approach issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.