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Dr. Robert Kubey - Increasing media education and skepticism

  • published by Rutgers on September 11, 2009
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  • Dr. Robert Kubey talks about how media literacy needs to be stressed in the United States education system and why we should be skeptics about the media we consume on a daily basis. Dr. Kubey is professor of Journalism and Media Studies, and director of the Center for Media Studies at Rutgers University. His publications have focused on the psychological experience of media and the state of media literacy education in the United States and worldwide. Dr. Kubey has been an Annenberg Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, and a National Institute of Mental Health Research Fellow. He received his doctorate from the Committee on Human Development, Department of Behavioral Sciences at the University of Chicago in 1984. Dr. Kubey has published over 50 journals articles and book chapters. His latest book is Creating Television: Conversations with the People Behind 50 Years of American TV.
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