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In the digital era, the need for specialized skills to communicate and exchange information is vital for leaders in every field. The highly innovative, cutting-edge 18-credit Digital Communication, Information, and Media (DCIM) minor prepares you with the technical, analytical, interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills needed to excel in today’s digital world. The minor combines insights and expertise from all SC&I disciplines and departments, and complements any major at Rutgers.

All the DCIM courses are offered in hybrid format (half online, half in-classroom). Each class meets once a week, for a single period, in the classroom, providing great schedule flexibility for busy students and allowing plenty of opportunities to develop digital proficiencies. Every course is offered every semester in many different time slots.

The DCIM minor will prepare you for such positions as digital/social media analyst, producer, manager, writer, and strategist. Or bring your expertise to any field with a digital presence: business and management, marketing and advertising, public relations, information technology, journalism and the media, music and the arts, politics and governing...the list is endless.

Explore digital life in digital spaces using digital the DCIM! Click around this site, follow us on Twitter @RutgersDCIM, follow us on Facebook at Rutgers DCIM, or take one of our 100-level courses, Virtual Team Dynamics (04:189:151) or The Structure of Information (04:189:152) to learn more.

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