Program Information:

More about the DCIM Minor

Complementing any major, the minor in Digital Communication, Information, and Media (DCIM) is designed to offer professional experiences in digital media communication and information management. You will learn how to judge which digital toolkits are effective in a variety of contexts and how to use those tools to advance particular messages and goals. You will also be prepared to lead in digital environments by gaining a combination of technical, analytical, interpersonal and entrepreneurial skill sets and learning how to evaluate, organize and produce a variety of forms of communication and information.

Courses in the program offer a strong theoretical background in interpersonal communication, information management, and media and design, along with grounding in real-world scenarios, projects and missions so that skills can be tested and refined. The courses are offered in a hybrid format, with half of the experience online and half in the classroom, to help you learn to transition seamlessly from face-to-face interactions to digital interactions with professional poise. A final capstone course will help you integrate what you have learned with your major or other area of interest and produce a high-quality, professional-level digital project.


Selecting and Completing the DCIM Minor

We encourage you to make an advising appointment to arrange a plan for completing the full program on schedule.

Program-Level Learning Goals

  • Critically read, interpret, synthesize, and evaluate online information from a variety of media sources and effectively articulate an analysis and formulate opinions on the relevant topics.
  • Assess the influence of virtual environments on interpersonal and group interactions.
  • Identify communication opportunities and challenges when working with others in digital and virtual environments.
  • Successfully participate and enhance collaborative working relationships in virtual environments.
  • Select and apply appropriate digital tools and media and design messages to communicate, persuade and build relationships with stakeholders distributed across space, time and cultures.

Overview of DCIM Program

DCIM Overview from Kindea Labs on Vimeo.