Program Information

The Digital Communication, Information, and Media Minor prepares you to lead in digital environments through a combination of technical, analytical, interpersonal, and entrepreneurial skill sets. The program provides a strong theoretical background in interpersonal communication, information management, and media and design, and then utilize the skills in real world projects and scenarios.

The minor is open to all majors at Rutgers. Because of the minor's design and prerequisites, it takes a minimum of three semesters of coursework to complete. The program requires completion of six 3-credit courses (with a grade of C or better) for a total of 18 credits. The courses are all offered in hybrid format, which means that the part of the course will be taught in-class and part of the course will be conducted on-line. We encourage current and interested minors to make an advising appointment to arrange a plan for completing the full program on schedule.

Learning Goals

  • Critically read, interpret, synthesize, and evaluate online information from a variety of media sources and effectively articulate an analysis and formulate opinions on the relevant topics.
  • Assess the influence of virtual environments on interpersonal and group interactions.
  • Identify communication opportunities and challenges when working with others in digital and virtual environments.
  • Successfully participate and enhance collaborative working relationships in virtual environments.
  • Select and apply appropriate digital tools and media and design messages in order to communicate, persuade, and build relationships with stakeholders distributed across space, time, and cultures.

Director of Digital Communication, Information, and Media

Dr. Mary Chayko - Meet Dr. Chayko

Contact Information

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Phone:  848-932-7550

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Dr. Mary Chayko

School of Communication and Information

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

4 Huntington Street

New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1071

Questions about the application process and requirements: can be directed to the SC&I Student Services office, Room 214 in the SC&I building, 848-932-7550.

For advising about your general education requirements: Please contact your college advising office.