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Jerome Aumente is Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the School of Communication and  Information (SC&I),  Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey. He devotes his time to writing and to regional, national and international assignments as a media consultant specializing in journalism and mass communications training and university curriculum development.

He has extensive experience in the international training of journalists; joint curriculum development with universities internationally and in the United States; as a trainer in  health communication; the Internet and newer media technologies; investigative and enterprise reporting; business, economic and financial reporting. He has been a consultant to major foundations including the John and James L. Knight Foundation; the German Marshall Fund and  the Ford Foundation  evaluating professional training and mid-career programs for journalists. He has been a  consultant to the U.S. State Department doing media needs assessments  in Europe and as a program evaluator for journalism curriculum projects in Russia.

He is Special Counselor to the Dean of  SC&I, and a member of the SC&I Advisory Board. He was founding Director of the Journalism Resources Institute (JRI) where he is senior research associate, and was founder and former Chairperson of the Department of Journalism and Media Studies.  Both units are in the School of Communication and  Information , one of the first interdisciplinary schools founded in the United States, which he   helped design at the request of the university   provost.

The Journalism Resources Institute conducted nearly $5 million in projects, and trained over 14,000 print and broadcast journalists under his direction, with over $2 million in media training and journalism projects in Central and Eastern Europe. The JRI, under his leadership, had special projects  in international affairs, journalism and mass communications; new media technologies; health, medical, and environmental coverage; media and law; evaluation  of professional training of journalists; business and financial journalism.

He has published four books with the most recent, “ From Ink on Paper to the Internet”, an examination of  newer   media  technology and the  Internet,  winning the Society of Professional Journalists national award for journalism research in 2008. His earlier books examine journalism in Eastern Europe; the development of electronic publishing, and a guide for young people examining misinformation in the media.


  • Program developer and moderator for a two-week program in which Jordanian journalists were guests of the State Department to observe the presidential election in the United States. Meetings were held with news media, universities, governmental and nongovernmental units in Washington, DC, Boston, Chicago and in Winchester, Virginia in a program facilitated by Meridian International Center, Washington, DC.  ( October-November 2012) and funded by the State Department.

  • Evaluated media assistance and journalism training programs in Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Belarus as senior evaluator with Mendez, England and Associates, Bethesda, Maryland, in a program supported by the U.S. State Department, Office of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor. ( October 2011 to Fall 2012).

  • Program developer and moderator for a visit of Egyptian journalists to New York City in December of 2011 to meet with news media professionals  and journalism associations in an international visitors program of the U.S. State Department conducted by Meridian International Center, Washington, D.C.

  • Fulbright Specialist assigned to University of Vilnius in Lithuania,  month of September 2011, to conduct lectures in new media and the Internet with graduate students, meet with faculty in the Institute of Journalism to discuss curriculum development and mutual research interests and conduct guest lecture at International School of Law and Business through American Embassy.

  • Curriculum development in health journalism and health communication in Mozambique as a consultant in a program initiated by the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Communication Programs, sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development. Assistance to universities and journalist associations in establishing undergraduate and graduate curriculum, and professional  journalism training  projects in Maputo beginning with a field visit the summer of 2011. Focus on prevention of communicable diseases, with attention to HIV/AIDS and curriculum development in 2012.

  • Guest speaker and trainer in Romania in April of  2011 conducting workshops in economic reporting  for journalists in Bucharest, Galati, Bacau and Iasi on behalf of the U.S. State Department and the American Embassy. Guest speaker at print and broadcast  media news organizations.

  • Invited speaker at Harvard University in May of 2011 in a conference sponsored by the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard examining international media assistance , lessons learned in Eastern Europe and possible applications in the Middle East and democratic transition.

  • Winner of the “Legacy Award” of the Livingston College of Rutgers University Alumni Association, May of  2011,  in recognition of  his work in establishing the Journalism/Urban Communications program, then department, and the Urban Communications Teaching and Research Center  during the 1970’s.

  • State Department lecturer in Vilnius, Lithuania in the Fall of 2009 giving presentations on newer media and the Internet, health and environmental journalism at the University of Vilnius and Vytautus Magnus University  in  Kaunus;  to journalists at the Lithuanian branch of Transparency International;  to journalists and  communication specialists through the Foundation for Patients’ Safety, and to online journalists of  Internet portals in Lithuania. Individual consultations on curriculum development at universities; press interview on economic journalism, and consultations with the heads of the Lithuanian Journalists Union.  Programs arranged through the American Embassy, Office of  Public Affairs, in Vilnius.

  • Presentations in Bangkok, Thailand, October of 2009 on newer media approaches to coverage of environmental  health journalism  at the Environmental Journalism Workshops sponsored by the Fogarty International Training and Research Environmental and Occupational Health Center. A co-project of the College of Public Health Sciences of Chulalongkorn University and the School of  Environmental  and Biological Sciences of Rutgers University through a grant of the  National Institutes of Health. Also, presentation to graduate students at  Chulalongkorn University on health communication and journalism strategies.  His  paper, “ Journalistic Coverage of Environmental  Health  Issues  in the Age of the Internet”, was published as a two part series in January and February  2010  in “InPrint”, the publication of the New Jersey Press Association.

  • Visiting scholar at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, in December of 2009 conducting research and interviews with principals at the center on journalism  education and exchange programs for journalists , and the impact of newer media and the Internet on such initiatives. The center is funded by private foundations and  Congress with a focus on Asia and is on the University of  Hawaii  campus in Oahu.

  • In 2010, Professor Aumente  was  approved for the Fulbright Specialist Program’s ongoing initiatives and  nominated for an assignment in the Fall of 2011 at Vilnius University.

  • Based on his  previous experience in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2008 with the Iraqi shoe thrower, he published an article in the May 2009 issue of “Quill” , the magazine of the Society of Professional Journalists entitled: “Who is the Iraqi Shoe Thrower and Other Lessons for  Journalism Trainers in a Time of Global Conflict”.  He  was then invited to wrote a follow-up article on this subject for the Winter 2009  Issue of  Nieman Reports of Harvard University as part of  its  special section on journalists in peril and the impact of trauma which appeared as “The Iraqi Shoe Thrower: When Journalists Need Help.”

  • In the March 2010 issue of “ InPrint”,  the publication of the New Jersey Press Association he  wrote  an article entitled “ Lessons in Working With International Journalists”.

  • Organizer of a citizen petition campaign in Warren County, Virginia to have the phone company and the cable television company  extend its higher speed Internet services  to under-served areas. The campaign has won  its first concessions from the phone company to extend its DSL services. He was also invited to serve on the management  team of a federal Housing and Urban Development grant to Warren County government to plan a comprehensive  telecommunications and broad band  program for Warren County, Virginia. 2009-2010 and ongoing.

  • ARAB JOURNALISM AND MIDDLE EAST INITIATIVES: Ongoing programs for journalists from the Middle East through 2012. Program co-developer, trainer and moderator for a series of three, three-week  workshops in 2004 and two,  two-week workshops in 2005  for journalists from Arab news media  representing print and  broadcast journalists  from  approximately eight different countries in the Middle East, North Africa and  from European operations. The intensive workshops  were sponsored by the Meridian International Center, Washington, DC, with support from the U.S. State Department through the Arab Media Outreach Center , American Embassy,  London and the Foreign Press Centers of the State Department. Journalists traveled in the United States during 2004 and 2005. The October, 2005, program for Iraqi journalists included a private meeting with President George Bush, Under Secretary of State Karen Hughes and Assistant Secretary of State, Dina Powell, at the White House.  Follow up programs were under development with plans for an Internet exchange project. Aumente  has conducted workshops and exchange visits for Arab  journalists in 2007, including one with journalists from predominantly Islamic countries from Asia in cooperation with the East-West Center , Hawaii, and Meridian International Center.  In 2008, he conducted two workshops and media visits for broadcast journalists from Saudi Arabia through Meridian International with State Department support. He conducted a program for Egyptian journalists in New York City in 2011 and a two-week program in 2012 for Jordanian journalists observing the  presidential election in the US.

  • In the Fall of 2008, he conducted a seminar and lectures on newer media and the Internet in Beirut, Lebanon for Iraqi journalists  through the Iraqi Institute for  Strategic Studies.

  • Invited paper presenter at the Saudi Association for Media and Communication  (SAMC) annual conference , King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, December 2005: a blue print for Arab and American journalists, media associations and  universities to cooperate in  developing cooperative programs, training and Internet projects.

  • Workshop trainer for two programs on a) health and environmental reporting, and b) economic, business and  financial reporting for Arab journalists, government and non–government professionals, at the Alfaisal  International Academy (ALFAC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, December, 2005 in cooperation with SAMC.

  • Designer of an “Arab and American Journalists  Internet and Exchange Project (AAJ I-Net)”  project,  planned  with Meridian International Center, Rutgers University and invited universities, news organizations and media associations.  The concept was expanded in a long term cooperative agreement between Rutgers-SC&I and Meridian in a 2008 memo of understanding to develop blue ribbon lectures, workshops and seminars, the Internet platform and a special focus on young people designed by Professor Aumente.


  • Economic reporting workshop for journalists in Kosovo in Pristina  in the Spring  and Fall  of 2008 with support from the American Embassy and the International Broadcasting Bureau-Voice of America International Media Training Center., and in cooperation with the Kosovo Media Institute in Pristina and the Media Center in Caglivica.

  • Principal trainer and moderator of seminars for professional journalists in Macedonia on a) news writing and commentary, and b) economic reporting.  Site visits to news organizations, public and university lectures. .Assistance in developing an Internet network for East European journalists on covering issues if human trafficking. In conjunction with the American Embassy, Skopje, Macedonia and International Media Training Center of International Broadcasting Board, Washington, DC.   Programs in Spring and Summer of  2004 and 2005.

  • Principal trainer in 2006 for workshops in Belgrade and Nis in Serbia for print and electronic journalists on coverage of economic, business and financial issues.  This was a sequel to previous workshops in Serbia in 1998 in cooperation with ANEM, the Independent Association of Journalists , B-92 and Veran Matic through the American Embassy.

  • Principal trainer for a workshop in Stip, Macedonia, Spring of 2005, on Broadcast Management in cooperation with the Association of Private Broadcasters in Macedonia ( APEMM) and the Public Affairs section of the American Embassy  in Skopje, and the International Broadcasting  Board ( IBB-V0A).

  • Principal trainer for a workshop on economic and financial reporting in Podgorica, Montenegro, Summer of 2005, in cooperation with American Embassy, Podgorica; the International Broadcasting Board (IBB-VOA) and the Montenegro Media Institute.

  • Advisor to a project  in 2004  of the American Embassy, Skopje, Macedonia, on development of  an  Internet website to assist journalists in the Balkans in covering issues of the human trafficking of women and children. Prototype for  a project to be introduced  in other geographical sectors .

  • Recipient of an honorary professorship , Faculty of Political Science, Journalism, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina in recognition  of his assistance as designer and co-director of a  US State Department four year grant to the Sarajevo journalism department. (Spring, 2004).

  • Contributing author to the book, “New Media; Theory and Practice: Implications for a Changing World”. Published by the University of Sarajevo, 2004. ( Paper presented in Sarajevo in 2003).

  • Principal workshop developer and moderator for a one week program in Opatija, Croatia, for  Balkan journalists on issues of  human trafficking, 2002. Workshop developed and moderated in the US for Montenegrin journalists on investigative reporting, 2002. Workshop for Bosnian journalists in 2003 on economic reporting. All under the auspices of International Media Training Center, International Broadcasting Bureau and US State Department and American embassies in the host countries .


Author of the book, “ From Ink on Paper to the Internet: Past Challenges and Future Transformation for New Jersey’s Newspapers.” published in 2007. (499 pp.).  In 2008, the Society of Professional Journalists  selected the book for its Sigma Delta Chi  national excellence  in journalism research  award presented at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.   Judges called the book “ a well researched book (in which)… the larger and more complex issue of the relationship between media and the Internet is revealed” and further described it as “a labor of love, the research is thorough and well-executed. A must have for every journalist’s reading  list.” A case study of newspapers in New Jersey--- their history from the 18th through the 21st centuries; interviews with editors and publishers; analysis of the impact of newer media technologies and the Internet on newspapers; the need for newspapers to reinvent themselves in a multimedia, online format, and implications for universities in educating future journalists. The research was supported by the New Jersey Press Association, which is the oldest continuing operating press association in the United States and which  celebrated  its 150th anniversary in 2007. The book was a center piece in the anniversary year. It was published by New Jersey Heritage Press,, an imprint of The Policy Center of New Jersey which also published “New Jersey Reporter” magazine.  The book includes interviews with major national journalism figures with experience in the state including the current head of the Associated Press; former CEO of Gannett Co. Inc; former editors-in-chief of “USA Today”, and the owners of MediaNew Group, the fourth largest newspaper chain in the United States. The book has both a regional and national perspective on newspapers and mass media in an Internet age.


  • Coauthor, “El Communicador Digital”, a book published by UCAM, Universidad Catolica San Antonio, Murcia, Spain, reviewing new media and digital trends in Spain, 2004. Research advisor to the project initiated during a visiting professorship to UCAM in Spain 2002 funded by a national Spanish Seneca educational  grant.

  • Lecturer at seven major universities throughout Spain on new media technologies and the impact on journalism, mass media and libraries. Programs organized every three years beginning in the 1990s by Complutense University in Madrid.


  • Program evaluator, for a U.S. State Department funded project in which the University of Missouri and Moscow State University Schools of Journalism  designed curriculum, convergence laboratory facilities for  new media and faculty exchanges. Periodic visits to Moscow beginning in 2003 and continued through 2007. Note: This was preceded by my consultancy visit to Moscow in 2002 for the U.S. State Department to evaluate the feasibility of creating a support project for MSU.  A final summative evaluation of the project was completed in 2007.

  • Invited paper presenter on newer media technologies and the Internet, and the implications for universities and  news organizations. October 2005, in the “Media and Change” conference in Moscow sponsored by Moscow State University School of Journalism and Warsaw University Journalism Institute ,  included in a published book by Warsaw University Institute.

  • Contributor to the book. “Journalism at the Crossroads: Russia and American  Experiences” published by Moscow State University  and University of Missouri Schools of Journalism in 2006. Published by Media Mir, Moscow. Editor: Professor Elena Vartanova. My chapter assesses current project efforts and future potential in cooperative journalism education and training.

  • Contributor to the quarterly publication of the Moscow State University School of Journalism , “Academia”, on American attitudes toward the news media. Fall, 2004.

  • Moscow State University, Spring   Conference, 2004. Paper presented on journalism curriculum change as ongoing program evaluator for a University of Missouri-Moscow State journalism schools grant of the U.S. State Department, begun in 2003 and continuing through 2007. Paper published in MSU  book , “Media and Change. Periodic visits to Moscow in 2003, 2004 and following as program evaluator of the project.

  • Guest lecturer in Russia in 2001 and 2002 in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad and Novgorod  for the American Embassy and consulates sponsored by U.S. State Department. Speaker and principal coordinator for agreement signed by St. Petersburg State University and Rutgers University—School of Communication in 2002

  • Author of   an article, “Modernizing the News Media in a Global Environment” for the faculty journal  of the Journalism Department, Urals State University, Yekaterinburg, and a  chapter, examining newer media and the Internet, and the impact on the news media and university curriculum for a forthcoming book “Modern Foreign Mass Media” edited by by Aleksei Bykov of  Urals State University.


  • Principal developer and moderator of seminars for a) journalists , b)  young people as communicators on covering issues of child health and development  and c) policymaking  issues for Children’s Futures, a $20 million project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in Trenton, New Jersey. 2003 and 2004.  Project reported in my article in “Nieman Reports of Harvard University “, Fall of 2004.


  • Article entitled  “Multimedia Journalism Changes what Universities Teach”, Fall, 2007 issue of  “Nieman Reports of Harvard University”. Special Section of articles  , “Teaching Journalism in the Digital Age.”

  • Article entitled  “Lessons in Teaching Foreign Journalists”  in the 2005 Summer Issue of  “Nieman  Reports of Harvard University”. Special section on the topic of international training  of journalists originated from my suggestion to the editor to examine the international training of journalists.


Joined Rutgers University in 1969:

Aumente joined the Rutgers University faculty in 1969 after ten years as a daily journalist, and developed programs in urban/metropolitan communication studies, community development and planning at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Previously, he was a journalist with newspapers in the United States and Europe including Urban Affairs and Canadian affairs specialist at The Detroit News, then the largest afternoon newspaper in the United States.

He is a graduate of Rutgers University, the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University specializing in urban affairs and Canadian Affairs.  At Rutgers, he established and  was director of the Urban Communications Teaching and Research Center and the Urban Communications Program in the Department of Community Development which later became a separate Department of Journalism for the university under his direction.

PUBLICATIONS: His writings include five  published books:

o From Ink on Paper to the Internet: Past Challenges and Future Transformations for New Jersey’s Newspapers.

(New Jersey Heritage Press)  Winner of the Society of Professional Journalists national award for journalism research.

o El Communicador Digital Co-author  of book studying digital and new media trends in Spain.

(UCAM, Murcia Spain, University Press).

o Eastern European Journalism: Before, During and After Communism.

(Hampton Press) Co-authored.

o New Electronic Pathways. Videotex, Teletext and OnlineDatabases. (Sage Publications)

o Against Misinformation:An Action Program for Young People (ADL)

He has written numerous monographs, and articles for publications including American Journalism Review; Washington Journalism Review; Editor and Publisher; Quill; Design and Environment; Architectural Forum; City Magazine;  The Nation; Channels of Communication; Travel; Chronicle of Higher Education,;  Nieman Reports of Harvard University,  the Freedom Forum Media Studies Journal, and Television Quarterly. His reports on urban affairs: "Urban Challenge: Can the Cities Survive?" for The Detroit News was distributed nationally as a monograph. He has written a report for the Aspen Institute Communication and Society program on uses of the Internet for social issues. He did a  research and policy analysis report for Rutgers University on  cable television and broad band communications at major universities.


He  published  an award-winning  book on the history of newspapers in New Jersey under contract with the New Jersey Press Association  for its 150th anniversary in 2007. He is developing a long term program with Rutgers University SC&I-JRI with Meridian International Center in Washington for a lecture series, seminars and exchange programs for international journalists, an Internet platform, and program for young people.  This builds on eight programs he has completed from 2004-2008 with Arab and Islamic journalists.   He has developed and conducted fourteen  workshops for Eastern and Central European journalists for the International Media Training Center of the International Broadcasting Bureau, IBB He  was a principal advisor, content writer and evaluator for a multimedia CD  to train journalists in health reporting internationally. He developed and directed a series of seminars on coverage of childhood health and development for Children’s Futures, a $20 million project supported by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. He evaluated programs for the US State Department at Moscow State University, and  was program evaluator for new initiatives for MSU and University of Missouri.  His latest writing projects   include analysis of training, exchange and fellowship programs for journalists.


  • Aumente received  the  Society of Professional Journalists’ Sigma Delta Chi  national award for excellence in journalism research in 2008 for his book, “ From Ink on Paper to the Internet” . He received a lifetime achievement award  from the New Jersey Press Association for his training of journalists . The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism honored him with its coveted Alumni Award for his work in journalism education and training in the United States and globally. He is the recipient of the Rutgers University Presidential Award for Distinguished Public Service. He received the Golden Quill Award for Distinguished Service from the New Jersey Scholastic Press Association  which he helped found. He was awarded an honorary   professorship at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, in recognition of his developing and co-directing a four year, State Department funded program to assist the journalism department. Previously, he was visiting professor at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland where he helped create its International School of Journalism. He is the recipient of a Nieman Fellowship from Harvard University. He was awarded bronze medallion service awards from the Rectors of  Jagiellonian University and the Academy of Mining and Engineering in Krakow, Poland, for assistance to those universities in curriculum and media development. In 2010, he was approved as a member of the Fulbright Specialist program to assist universities in journalism curriculum development, and in 2011 was a Fulbright Specialist at Vilnius University’s Institute of Journalism in Lithuania. He received the Livingston College, Rutgers University, Legacy Award in 2011 for his academic work. He was a visiting professor at UCAM , Universidad Catolica San Antonio, Murcia,  in Spain 2002 funded by a national Spanish Seneca educational  grant.


He has been to the Central and East European region and Western Europe over 100  times since 1989, overseas more than 200 times in total,  and has also worked  in Central and Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. His work included:  media needs assessments in Poland, the Czech Republic and    Slovakia for the U.S. Information Agency and the International   Media Fund; lectures and curriculum assistance at universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Novgorod and Yekaterinburg  in  Russia for the U.S. State  Department; evaluation of the Faculty of Journalism program at Moscow State University for the U.S. State Department leading to creation of   a major grant program for MSU  and post evaluation; design of the relationship between St. Petersburg State University  School of Journalism and the School of  Communication, Information and Library  Studies of Rutgers University which culminated  in a long term agreement in 2002 between both universities.


Other international work included creation of a Media Resources Center in Warsaw; assistance in founding the school, and visiting professor and chair of, the international advisory board of the International School of Journalism at Jagiellonian University  in Krakow, Poland; assistance in founding a public radio station for the Krakow  region at the Academy of Mining  and Engineering; journalism workshops in Serbia in Belgrade, Nis, Cacak and Zrenjanin for independent  broadcast media.; co-director  of a  three year grant to assist the Journalism Department at the University of  Sarajevo to modernize its curriculum, support faculty exchanges and distance learning and  Internet resources; expansion of the University of Sarajevo project to universities in Tuzla and Banja Luka in  Bosnia-Herzegovina; Media counseling for Balkan journalists in Rome as part of a  program with the FNSI-- National Federation of Italian  Journalists--- and the American Embassy;  Grants reviewer for the US State Department for journalism programs for the Balkans and    Southern Europe in 2002 through the Academy for Educational Development.

Design and moderating of  fourteen  workshops overseas or  in Washington and New York  City for Bosnian-Herzegovian and Balkan   journalists with the International Media Training Center of Voice of America-International   Broadcast Bureau, US State Department.  The workshops   included:1) health,   medical, environmental and social  welfare issues;2) human rights abuses in the trafficking of   women and children;3)  economic, business and financial reporting; 4) enterprise and investigative reporting;  5) management issues for directors  of news agencies 6)  a workshop in Opatija, Croatia, for journalists from five Balkan countries on human rights coverage of  trafficking of women and children , and one in the US for Bosnian journalists; a workshop in investigative and enterprise reporting  for journalists from Montenegro. He conducted workshops in Macedonia on news reporting and commentary and economic reporting in 2004, and on broadcast management in 2005. He conducted a workshop on economic and business reporting in Montenegro in 2005.  He conducted workshops for journalists in Belgrade and Nis in Serbia in 2006 with support from the American Embassy, the State Department and the International Media Training Center of VOA-IBB.   In 2008, he conducted  economic reporting workshops in Pristina, Kosovo.

Lectures on journalism issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Hungary, Poland, the Czech   Republic, Slovakia  and  Serbia and Macedonia; periodic lecture series at major universities in Spain on new media technologies, journalism, library and information  sciences in Madrid, Murcia, Granada, Zaragoza, Badajoz, Malaga,  Salamanca and Alcala. Visiting professorship at UCAM, Catholic University in  Murcia, Spain to assist in graduate  development and research. Lectures on journalism issues in Central and Latin America including the Latin American Journalism Center in Panama, and Universidad del Norte in Baranquilla, Colombia. Assistance to the Voice of America and USAID in creation of multimedia materials to train journalists in Latin America in   health/medical coverage in cooperation with Pan American Health  Organization and World Health Organization. An interactive CD to train journalists in health journalism was beta tested  at University of the West Indies, CARIMAC, in Kingston, Jamaica under his direction and analysis, and   final development of additional  scenarios and user progress review materials were created for this. A module on women’s health issues, prenatal care and family planning was created for the Population Reference Bureau with a focus on Africa. A previous module on coverage of natural  disasters and health issues in the Caribbean and Central America was completed earlier.  Workshops on health reporting, and business, economic and financial reporting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia .

Leader of numerous workshops in Europe on local and regional news coverage, newer media   technologies, media ethics, specialized reporting in health, medical and environmental issues, investigative and public affairs reporting,  print/broadcast media. Coordinator/speaker at training workshops for visiting CEE journalists in Washington, New   York and at Rutgers. Director of one year fellowships for journalists from Poland, Slovakia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Hungary in residence at the JRI at Rutgers  University. At The Detroit News, he was Canadian Affairs specialist as well as Urban Affairs specialist and frequently covered assignments in Canada in Toronto, Montreal and did  a series of transcontinental articles in Canada and its Northwest  Territories.


He designed and administered the Merck Science Journalism Student Awards program for seven years from 1994  to 2000 which assembled faculty and students from major universities in the United States each year for indepth review of health/medical, science coverage by news media. He authored " Preparing Health, Medical and Science Journalists for the Future", a report of the first three years of the Merck program available from JRI or on the JRI website, and a monograph of the next  three years. He has written articles and papers and lectured frequently on health, medical and environmental journalism and communication strategies employing newer media technologies including the Internet in the United States, Europe and Latin America. He designed and was moderator of numerous workshops in the United States and in Europe for journalists, faculty and students, and government, corporate and nonprofit organizations in health, medical, environmental and social welfare issues; issues of aging; mental health, environmental protection, land use and life quality. Most recently, he developed for SC&I the successful proposal for  a blue ribbon lecture series on health issues funded by the Johnson and Johnson Family of Companies. He has written content materials for an innovative CD to train journalists in health coverage developed by the International Broadcasting Bureau-Voice of America; the Pan American Health Organization and World Health Organization and U.S Agency for International Development, and UNAIDS. He designed and conducted the alpha and beta testing of the CD. He was moderator for a panel examining global communications, alternative news and community health issues at a  conference  supported by the Rockefeller Foundation.

He was a consultant for Children’s Futures, a $20 million project funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to assist children and families in health and childhood development, and  developed training workshops for journalists in coverage of childhood development issues, for youth interested in communications careers, and  in policymaking seminars.

Most recently, in 2011-2012, he was a consultant for curriculum  development in health journalism and health communication in Mozambique as a consultant in a program initiated by the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Communication Programs, sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development. Assistance to universities and journalist associations in establishing undergraduate and graduate curriculum, and  professional  journalism training  projects in Maputo beginning with a field visit the summer of 2011. Focus on prevention of communicable diseases, with attention to HIV/AIDS and curriculum development in 2012.

He gave presentations in Bangkok, Thailand,  October of 2009 on newer media approaches to coverage of environmental health journalism  at the Environmental Journalism Workshops sponsored by the Fogarty International Training and Research Environmental and Occupational Health Center. A co-project of the College of Public Health Sciences of Chulalongkorn University and the School of  Environmental  and Biological Sciences of Rutgers University through a grant of the  National Institutes of Health. Also, a presentation to graduate students at  Chulalongkorn University on health communication and journalism strategies.  His  paper, “ Journalistic Coverage of Environmental  Health  Issues  in the Age of the Internet”, was published as a two part series in January and February  2010  in “InPrint”, the publication of the New Jersey Press Association.


He designed a unique Press, Bar and Bench series of seminars in cooperation with the New Jersey State Supreme Court, the NJ Bar Association and the NJ Press Association to improve coverage of civil and criminal trials, and promote better understanding among judges, lawyers and journalists. (Funded by the Newhouse Foundation). The program continued for three years under his direction.


In broadcasting, he served for many years as a board member or advisor to the New Jersey Broadcasting Authority and its statewide public television network, as a representative of two Chancellors of Higher Education in New Jersey. He also served as a consultant for a program series on urban issues at WOR-TV when it was an RKO affiliate.


He has developed and administered over $5 million in grants from such organizations as Ford Foundation; John and Mary Markle Foundation; Florence and John Schumann Foundation; Times-Mirror Foundation; John S. Knight Foundation; Newhouse Foundation; The New York Times Foundation; The Record Publishing Company; Rockefeller Brothers; U.S. State Department and its former United States Information Agency, and College and University Affiliates Program; International Media Fund; Merck Foundation; Johnson and Johnson Foundation; German Marshall Fund; International Media Training Center, Voice of America and International Broadcasting Bureau; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; various New Jersey State agencies including Department of Community Affairs; Mental Health and Community Services, and the Department of Higher Education.


He has been a consultant for the James and John S. Knight Foundation and the German Marshall Fund, doing extensive surveys and analysis of their funded, professional training programs for print and electronic journalists. He previously did a study of professional development for journalists as a Ford Foundation consultant, and was a consultant for its Office of Communication, focusing on public broadcasting. He has been a consultant to public and private groups including  the Ford Foundation; the John S. Knight Foundation; the German Marshall Fund; BMW of North America; John Portman and Associates; International Broadcasting Bureau of Voice of America, and as an expert witness for a law firm in libel matters in which news media are defendants.  His  consulting has included Children’s Futures, a  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supported program; the University of Missouri  and Moscow State University  as program evaluator for their State Department grant to journalism education ,  the New Jersey Press Association and Rutgers University, School of Communication, Information and Library Studies, now called the School of Communication and Information.

He  consults in the United States and internationally in such areas as curriculum development for journalism, mass media, library and information sciences; health, medical and environmental communication; international affairs; newer media technologies including online services and the Internet; communication strategies for corporations, government and nonprofit organizations, and professional development training for print and broadcast journalists.



JEROME AUMENTE,  Long Mountain, 617 Seven Oaks Drive, Bentonville, Virginia 22610 USA

Telephone: 540/635-6395



JEROME AUMENTE, Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Special Counselor to the Dean, School of Communication and  Information  (SC&I), 4 Huntington Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901 USA

JEROME AUMENTE, Founding Director Emeritus and Senior Research Fellow, Journalism Resources Institute, School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University, 185 College Ave., New Brunswick, New Jersey USA

(Full Vita available upon request)


Newer media and the Internet
International training of journalists
Investigative and economic reporting
Health issues and news media coverage
Media ethics