Bibi Alajmi
Visiting Scholar
Library and Information Science
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BA (English Literature), Kuwait University, 1997
MLIS, Kuwait University, 2003
PhD (Communication, Information and Library Studies), Rutgers University, 2011

I'm interested in Knowledge Management as a field of study. i'm seeking to understand how and why people share, communicate their tacit knowldge in various contexts. In addition, I have interest to dig into individual's behavior and understand factors hindering them from sharing their knowledge. Virtual groups and communities is an emerging context that deserve to be studied; and I'm so eager to understand knowledge sharing, in particular, and knowledge management tools and processes implemented by these virtual groups.

Publications and Presentations


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ur Rehman, S. & Alajmi, B. (2006). An Analysis of the Alumni Perceptions about the Future Directions of Library and Information Education. Paper Presented in A-LIEP Conference


Sensemaking and Organizational Practices: A Model of Influence. Bibi Alajmi & Carla Schubach, 2007

Blogs: The construction of Virtual Communities. 2007

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