lyndaCampus at SC&I and MGSA-VA


lyndaCampus is a school-wide version of, an online training library of over 80,000 video-based tutorials on over 1400 software titles.

As a School of Communication and Information (SC&I) instructor, staff member, or Rutgers student in a SC&I course, you have access to the full library including exercise files.

Starting in the Spring '14 semester, students, staff, and instructors affiliated with Mason Gross School of the Arts - Visual Arts Department also have access.


Log into lyndaCampus*

Clicking on the log-in link above will bring you to a Rutgers University authentication page. Once you are successfully logged in, you'll be automatically transferred to

*First Time Users:

  • When you first log into lynda, you are given the opportunity to personalize your profile. The generic name given to everyone who authenticates through is “ member.” You can personalize your experience by providing some information to lynda so that your user interface will have your own name at the top of the screen, and any certificates of completion you earn will have your name on them. If you want to change any of this information later, you can do so through your account settings at

Logging in and logging out

  • REMEMBER: You cannot log-in directly at, you must log-in to lyndaCampus via this site (or other access point established by your instructor)

How do I use the lynda resources?

  • To get a better overview of how works and how to get the most from the service please see the course "How to use" -
  • The interface will automatically save your past history, and show you where you left off in a course video the next time you log in.


  • For any difficulties accessing the content of please contact SC&I IT Services at


General | Students | Instructors

FAQ - General

How awesome is lyndaCampus?

It's very awesome.

Does have a quick factsheet or overview that I can see?

Yes. The lyndaCampus Fact Sheet is available at:

FAQ - Students

Can I access lyndaCampus if I'm not a student in an SC&I course?

No, unfortunately lyndaCampus is only accessible for SC&I students under the terms of our contract.

FAQ - Instructors

Do you have text that I can add to my syllabus about lyndaCampus?

lyndaCampus Online Training Library

lyndaCampus is a school-wide version of, an online training library of over 80,000 video based training movies on over 1400 software titles.

lyndaCampus is available for students registered in SC&I courses and can be used to learn software, programming skills, video techniques, etc.  Titles include: all of MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc.), all of Adobe CS5 & CS6 (DreamWeaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, etc.), Fundamentals of Video, iMovie, Social Media Marketing, Twitter, SPSS, Google Docs, HTML5, CSS, MySQL, PHP, Python, C/C++/C#, WordPress, etc. Students can watch the videos, follow along with exercise files, and even print a certificate of completion upon completion of a course.

For more information and access instructions, please see For any difficulties accessing the content of please contact SC&I IT Services at

Can I link directly to the lyndaCampus log-in page or a lyndaCampus Course?

Yes. All you need to do is - (video). This video will show you how to create a link to the lyndaCampus log-in page and/or directly link to a lyndaCampus course using ? as part of the URL. Additionally, you can use the Share area of a course page to get a link or send a course to a SC&I colleague/student.

Can I include lyndaCampus in my course management site?

Yes. All you need to do is: eCollege - (video) | Sakai - (video). These video instructions will take you through using JavaScript in eCollege or the Web Content tool in Sakai to display the lyndaCampus log-in page or a specific course.