Learning the Craft of Journalism

Budding journalists and media makers will gain practical experience in the undergraduate major offered by the Department of Journalism and Media Studies. This major provides you with the tools and maps to navigate this period of great transition, where media play a tremendous role. Learning the craft, while using the latest technological developments, in addition to coming away with a foundation in the history, ethics and values of journalism and media studies, prepares you for the demands of this profession. We invite you to get energized by our faculty, who bring a wealth of experience and dynamic research to the classroom. Our faculty are engaged teachers who will provide you with a wide range of courses, preparing you to be a better-equipped citizen, professional, researcher and member of society.

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JMS Students

Selecting the Journalism & Media Studies Major

Besides learning the theory and practice of journalism and mass media, the JMS Major focuses on writing for newspapers, magazines, television, radio, cable television, news services, publishing and the government and private sectors. You will learn not only the responsibilities of news media and how to disseminate information, but learn to examine ethical and legal practices and evaluate media performance.

Current Student Resources

A number of resources are available to help you navigate the JMS program. Faculty will guide you in making the choices that reflect your interests and career objectives.


Reporting on Our Alumni

Our alumni have landed exciting jobs as television and radio hosts, journalists, screenwriters, copywriters and so much more in the public and private sector. We love to keep up with our alumni, share stories of their success and engage you with anecdotes about their personal journeys. 

The Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair

  Watch this important video.