Scholarships and Awards

Students must be declared Rutgers Journalism and Media Studies majors to be eligible for the following scholarships and awards. The SC&I Student Services office has details about each award, whether there is a financial component to it, and how to apply.

JMS Department Scholarship: for an outstanding junior or senior student, as determined by the department.

Barry S. Kramer Annual Scholarship in Science Journalism: for a junior or senior journalism major based on academic merit.

Richard F. Hixson Memorial Prize: for full-time senior undergraduate students whose work exemplifies a commitment to Civil Liberties and the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Flip Wilson Memorial Scholarship: for a full-time journalism student entering the junior or senior year with academic merit; the successful applicant must complete a 500 word essay on some aspect of Flip Wilson’s work and impact on television or comedy.  Preference will be given to students of African-American descent.

Dick Lloyd Internship Scholarship: for a full-time undergraduate based on academic merit that will be interning. Preference is given to those interested in pursuing a sports broadcasting career.

Van Wie Ingham Memorial Prize: for outstanding knowledge of journalism.

Richard D. Lane Memorial Award: for a full-time journalism student based on academic merit.

John H. Cook Scholarship: for a sophomore or junior with an interest in newspaper writing and reporting.

Kenneth Q. and Viola W. Jennings Memorial Scholarship: for juniors who demonstrate promise toward a career in print journalism.

Arthur Weissman Memorial Scholarship: for full-time journalism student at the end of the junior year, based on academic merit, media-related achievement through academic work, extra-curricular activities, and employment.

Edward J. Mack Memorial Scholarship: for a full-time undergraduate student based on academic merit; preference is given to students from Hunterdon County with an interest in print journalism.

Edgar B. Bacon Scholarship: for achievement in journalism by a continuing undergraduate major from Hudson county.

SC&I Alumni Association Endowed Scholarships: for outstanding academic achievement in the program.

SC&I Scholarship: for an outstanding undergraduate student, as determined by the department

Laurie Ackerman Memorial Scholarship: to provide a scholarship or research stipend for an undergraduate or graduate student who intends to pursue a career in journalism or mass communications; student is selected based on proven work, interests in journalism/mass media, and ability to carry out the program’s aims.

Ladley K. Pearson Memorial Prize: to provide a scholarship to a student who has demonstrated outstanding work in print or media-related reporting.

Sean Carr Memorial Scholarship: to provide a scholarship or research stipend to a full-time junior or senior undergraduate student majoring in journalism who exemplifies a commitment to reporting, researching and writing on topics of public policy, politics, public advocacy, and/or government administration and development.