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The Master’s in Communication and Information Studies (MCIS) program advances professional practice in communication and information intensive professions. The curriculum emphasizes the integration of theory and practice for strategic organizational communication, health and community engagement, and digital media management. Our program is committed to developing individuals who understand the complex relationships among communication and information processes and who can critically evaluate results and anticipate unforeseen by-products of communication and information processes.

Learning Goals

  • Ability to use core concepts and theories to explain and account for dynamics in one or more of the areas of organizational communication, mediated communication, digital media, and health communication and community engagement.
  • Competency in scholarly thinking about communication, organizations, media, information, and health communication and community engagement
  • Proficiency in gathering and using evidence in understanding communicative dynamics
  • Written, oral and mediated competency about communication in various social settings
  • Translation of theory into practice

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The MCIS program is looking for recent graduates and proficient communicators who exemplify high professionals standards. The Admissions Committee considers excellence you’ve demonstrated in your respective field and the likelihood of your success with the program.

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Master of Communication and Information Studies Program

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

4 Huntington St.

New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1071

848-932-7500 (option 3)

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