In Rutgers Today: SC&I Senior Co-Directs SafeHalo

Picture this: You are a Rutgers student leaving a party late at night. You don’t want to Uber because you live fairly closealt by, and you could easily walk home. However, you know it's not safe to walk alone. 

What to do? Uber for six blocks? Now there is new and perfect solution to this scenario on the Rutgers New Brunswick campus, and it’s called SafeHalo. SafeHalo is a late-night buddy walking program, co-directed by Jamie Farron, a SC&I student double majoring in Communication and Spanish.

Not only did SafeHalo’s pilot testing program reveal the need for the program, it’s already a success at Rutgers. Now Fallon and her co-director are helping other universities set up SafeHalo on their campuses.

Read the full story (and find out how to use SafeHalo), in an article in Rutgers Today titled “SafeHalo: An On-Demand Buddy System for Walking Home.”