Meet SC&I’s New Lecturer Suchinthi Fernando

Having lived most of her life in Sri Lanka and Japan, new SC&I Part-Time Lecturer Suchinthi Fernando, DEng, isalt bringing a world’s worth of knowledge to the undergraduate Information Technology and Informatics (ITI) degree and Masters of Information program.

After starting her education in Sri Lanka with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, she moved to Japan to continue her education. She then completed her Master’s of Engineering in Management and Information Systems Engineering, and then received her Doctor of Engineering in Information Science and Control Engineering, both degrees from the Nagaoka University of Technology.

During her graduate studies in Japan, Fernando said she “finally saw the proper applications of calculus and math in Japan’s infrastructure,” citing the “precision of tunnels and street layouts.”

This summer, Fernando immigrated to the United States with her husband, a long-time Edison, N.J. resident. The two now live in East Brunswick. Fernando said she wanted to work at Rutgers because, “It is a state school and has better opportunities overall.”

With regards to teaching, Fernando stated, “I like the perspective over here…(In Sri Lanka) we taught students theory and techniques, but not technology. However, in America, we actually teach students how to use the technology.”

Fernando now teaches three courses in SC&I. The Internet and the Information Environment is a course open to ITI undergraduate majors which combines computing and mathematics to teach students about the Web.

Additionally, Fernando teaches Database Design and Management in SC&I’s Master of Information program. This class gives students the knowledge to design and develop databases with a user-friendly interface.

Also in SC&I’s Master of Information program, Fernando teaches Information Technologies, a course that covers basic web technologies and website development.

Part-Time Lecturer Suchinthi Fernando, DEng, is a software engineer, researcher, and lecturer with over 8 years of experience covering many areas of information technology, including information security management.