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The PhD program in Communication, Information and Library Studies provides doctoral training for students seeking theoretical and research skills for scholarly and professional leadership in the fields of communication, library and information science, journalism and media studies. The unique combination of communication, information, and media in a single program helps prepare students in the 21st century to address key questions in our society. The 81-credit program focuses on the nature and function of communication, information and media institutions, policies, processes and systems—and their impact on individuals as well as social, organizational, national, and international affairs. Interdisciplinary approaches to these issues are strongly supported and encouraged in the program. With approximately 50 faculty members and 120 students currently enrolled, the program fosters intellectual autonomy and excitement while ensuring sound process and thriving apprenticeship.

The PhD Newsletter for 2012-2013 can be found here.

The PhD Newsletter for 2011-2012 can be found here.

Announcements and Features

Lisa Mikesell Hosts Spring 2014 Mini-Seminar

Lisa Mikesell Hosts Mini-Seminar on “Ethics of Ethnography”

SC&I Hosts TAP Diversity Workshop

SC&I Hosts TAP (Teaching Assistant Project) Workshop on Diversity in the Classroom

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Kevin Lerner Hired by Marist College

Kevin Lerner to join Marist College as Assistant Professor

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