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Professional Development Studies offers continuing education to help the professional find success in today’s workplace through increased knowledge and skills. We are committed to upholding quality and expertise for which SC&I is widely recognized, while serving the needs of working professionals striving to advance in their fields. Noncredit intensive program content is rooted in the original research and academic knowledge of our renowned faculty and in the solutions-based expertise of industry leaders. Most of our programs are accessed online and designed to accommodate your demanding schedule. We also provide customized training onsite for organizations.

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Public Relations (PR) Certificate

  • Are you a mid-career PR professional who needs to learn more about social media or measurement? 

  • Are you looking to incorporate more PR strategies in your career? 

  • Are you in a career transition?

You’re a PR or communications professional and you want to elevate your career or you're now being asked to take on new responsibilities in marketing and PR. The Rutgers Certificate in Public Relations (PR) provides  learning that focuses on real-world advanced knowledge that you need to be a successful manager and leader. Public relations is designated as an “in demand" field by the NJ Department of Labor, so if you are a career changer you will find this certificate to be invaluable as well.

Business and Organizational Communication Certificate

  • Have you gotten feedback that furthering your communication skills would advance your career? 

  • Can you or your organization benefit from embracing diversity and cross-cultural influences?

  • Are your team communications and results as effective as they could be?

You’re mastering the technical skills for your job, yet you’ve realized that communication skills are crucial in the workplace.  How well you communicate with your colleagues / peers, direct reports, managers, customers, and upper-level leadership all affect your career growth and satisfaction.  The Rutgers Certificate in Business and Organizational Communication gives you the communication skills you need to take your career to the next level.  This certificate is scheduled to launch in January 2016.

Leadership and Managerial Communication Certificate

  • Have you questioned whether you are an effective manager and / or a leader? 

  • How do I ensure our employee lifecyle aligns with my organization's vision?

  • How can I help my organization strategically plan for the future?

Whether you’re an experienced leader and manager looking to brush up on communication skills, a new manager and leader, an employee who’s been tasked with leading without authority, or an aspiring manager and leader--you want to inspire, change, influence, and grow your organization. The Rutgers Certificate in Leadership and Managerial Communication encourages you to explore your management and leadership style and hone your managerial communication skills. This certificate is scheduled to launch in January 2016.

Individual Coaching

  • Have you gotten feedback that you need development in a specific communication area?
  • Do you have an individual development need but not the budget for a full class or program?
  • Do you want to move ahead in a specific area of your career or even personal life?

You need one-on-one attention from someone who has been there, done that, and is very willing and capable to support you in your specific goals.  Our experienced coaches from around the country are ready to listen, analyze your specific needs, develop your goals, and be there for you along your successful path. Remote meetings are easy and lead to your amazing future!  Please request further information below.

Health Communication Certificate

If you are a health professional interested in gaining critical skills needed to communicate effectively with patients in a hospital, clinic, or other health settings or you want to engage with more diverse stakeholders in your health organization--you understand that communication is central to the work you do everyday. The Rutgers Certificate in Health Communication can help you develop a targeted skills you need to be successful.  The program is scheduled to launch in late 2016.