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Young people are creators as well as consumers of literary works. One of the ways they make sense of and gain control over their often chaotic lives is to give ideas and events shape through the power of language. Parents, teachers, and other adults need to encourage this kind of composition and help children learn to write well. When they do write well, young authors may seek means to publish their work. There are now many opportunities to do so.


Children's Voice The singular purpose of the childrens-voice is the publishing of children's writing from junior kindergarten to grade eight.

Young Writer On-Line Young Writer On-Line is Young Writer's Sister Electronic Edition. Young Writer (paper edition) is an international magazine featuring the best in English language creative writing from children aged 6 to 16 from around the world. Fun, instructive and designed to build any child's confidence, Young Writer is a forum for young people's writing fiction and non-fiction, prose and poetry.

Scriptito's Place It is especially for young people ages 7-15. Vangar publishes things that people your own age have written to put a spotlight on your talent, and to show you that you can do it too.

Kids Cornfield Kidworld Magazine A collection of puzzles, stories and other good things.

Midlink Magazine MidLink Magazine , the electronic magazine created by kids, for kids in the middle grades--generally ages 10 to 15. Browse through our interactive space to enjoy art and writing that will link middle school kids all over the world.

The Young Writers Club This club aims to encourage children of all ages to enjoy writing as a creative pasttime by getting them to share their work and help each other improve their writing abilities.

Young Writer's Clubhouse Created by Deborah Morris, the author of the Real Kids, Real Adventures series. This site offers a great deal of sound information and opportunities for young people through writing.

Positively Poetry Positively Poetry is made up of poems submitted by kids from around the globe. Children can send their poems to Positively Poetry and all work will be displayed for people on the Internet to view.

The Diary Project The Diary Project is a way for young people around the world to share their personal thoughts, feelings, and dreams with one another near and far .. to ask questions and find answers about growing up at the turn of the 21st century via the Internet.

KidNews KidNews is a free news and writing service for students and teachers around the world. Anyone may use stories from the service for educational purposes, and anyone may submit stories. We also invite comments about the news gathering, teaching, and computer-related issues in the Discussion sections for students and teachers.

Kidpub More than 10,000 stories written by kids from all over the planet!

Kid's Space Kids' Space was launched in March of 1995 as a personal home page at Interport Communications. The site has rapidly developed into many sections including creative activities communication pages, and sections for learning basic computer skills. The site has generated a world-wide following with readers from over 115 countries and a huge number of hits.

Cyberteens Cyberteens is published by Mountain Lake Software, Inc. of San Francisco, California, USA. Mountain Lake publishes educational software, as well as the Web sites CyberKids and Cyberteens. Their goal is to create and promote youth community worldwide, and give teens a voice and an interactive place to express their creativity. Young people all over the world make Cyberteens a sharing, caring space.

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