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Since all children like to eat and I hope they all like to read, cookbooks inspired by favorite children's stories should be appetizing. The first introduction to story is often through simple rhyming games or finger plays such as Pat-a-Cake, Pease Porridge Hot or This Little Pig Went to Market. Next young children meet Jack Sprat, Little Miss Muffet, Little Jack Horner, Little Tommy Tucker and other Mother Goose characters. Then, if they are lucky, some adult will nurture them with adventures from the deep woods of the folk or fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel or Goldilocks and the Three Bears. And what do all of these children's classics have in common? Why, among other things, food, of course! One of the many versions of Little Red Riding Hood even begins with a description of the character as a little girl as "sweet as sugar and as good as bread." Obviously, the heart and the mind of the young child are very close to the stomach, and one's literary tastes are sifted, stirred and simmered along with more mundane tastes for good things to eat.

Food in children's stories is often used to emphasize the time or place in which that story is set or the particular racial, religious or ethnic group of its characters, Henner's Lydia, by De Angeli for instance, takes readers or listeners to a Pennsylvania Dutch community in which cider is made in the backyard, the farmer's market is the grocery store and smearcase, snitz and nep, apple butter, chowchow, fastnachts, and half moon pies are regularly on the table.

References to food abound in children's books. For instance, in Maurice Sendak's books, children can learn the months of the year in Chicken Soup with Rice or go In the Night Kitchen with Micky and those Laurel and Hardy bakers preparing cakes for the morning. Where the Wild Things Are, opens with Max in his wolf suit being sent to his room without any supper because he has been such a wild thing all day. Once there, he sails off in his imagination to the land of the wild things who threaten "We'll eat you up-we love you so!" but Max, our conquering hero, tames the wild beasts and returns to his own room "where he found his supper waiting for him-and it was still hot."


Hopefully, this listing of cookbooks will help children to see connections to the books they have read and enjoyed and encourage them to experiment in the kitchen.

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