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Islamic Traditions and Muslim Cultures

Kay E. Vandergrift

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“Obviously we can’t control all people in the world. But we can continue to remind ourselves of what is important and try to live in ways nourishing for human beings. It is most important to know about lives that seem, on the surface, unlike our own. We must remind ourselves and our children that the Middle East is a complicated center of dramatic cultural and religious history and the vast majority of people living there would love to be our friends.”

                                                                        ~~Naomi Shihab Nye

If we are to endure as human beings, we must learn as much as possible about others in our world. To that end, I have selected a beginning collection of books about Islamic traditions and Muslim culture for the very young, for older children, and for young adults, as well as those for parents and teachers. The stories, the poetry, the illustrations, the historical figures, and the folktales all contribute to that wonderful magic that transports readers to other places, other times, other worlds. Such reading can help young people integrate in their own lives the increased knowledge, deeper understanding, and a caring acceptance of others vital to all of humanity.

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