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"In one sense, then, to document the experience of women would mean documenting all of history: they have always been of it, in it, and making it. But their history has been a special kind, distorted and alienated because it has been refracted doubly-through the lens of man's records and observations; through the application to it of male values. What we know of the past experience of women has come to us largely through the reflections of men; how we see and interpret what we know about women has been shaped for us through a value system defined by men. . . . . what would history be like if it were seen through the eyes of women and ordered by values they define? . . . To begin with, until very recently, historical scholarship has largely ignored the history of women and the female point of view in reconstructing the past. It considered those activities which men have engaged in to have been significant to historical development, while the activities of women were considered to have been marginal and insignificant. In short, a male-oriented conceptual framework has dominated the questions by which the past of humankind has been organized." Gerda Lerner. The Female Experience, p. xix

In "Female Protagonists and Beyond"   I wrote: "Through literature, young people can become familiar with aspects of history absent in most school curricula and with a literary canon that affirms women's lives and represents female heroes independent of the male model." One of the aims of contemporary education is to reclaim the legacy of women in history. This initial list of books includes picture books for young children to materials for young adults. Most are biographies or informational narratives. A few are fictional accounts of real people and events, although I am preparing a separate list of historical novels that foreground women. Teachers, librarians and young people may come to understand a more inclusive and more accurate sense of history through these works. The books listed below foreground women who played significant roles in history.

"Thus, even as we approach the twenty-first century, our teaching of American history often reflects sources and attitudes more apropos of a nineteenth-century male-centered culture. This, in turn, is bound to place limits on our students' ways of knowing. How can they be expected to grasp the fullness of such sweeping concepts as personal liberty and democracy when, on the surface at least, it appears that only fifty percent of America's population has been instrumental in working for their attainment?" Joyce Delaney, "Voices Not Heard: Women in a History Textbook," In Ways of Knowing, p. 305

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