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Snow White Website: An opportunity to explore a large number of resources on traditional fairy tales and specifically "Snow White." This website is designed as a course component and/or an individual tutorial.

Project ECLIPSE: A large website devoted to Mother Goose that explores both images and texts over time. Mother Goose is often ignored in courses in children's literature under the assumption that we all know the rhymes. This website offers far more than expected.


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List of Legend, Folk, Fairy Tale Titles

The selected list below is only a sampling of the wide range of stories, tales, and legends. As a reader you may wish to go well beyond this list.

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Links on Fairy Tales

To study 16 versions of "Little Red Riding Hood" try the project at the University of Southern Mississippi De Grummond Children's Literature Research Collection.

To study 12 versions of "Cinderella" try the project at the University of Southern Mississippi De Grummond Collection. For additional "Cinderella" stories connect to the University of Calgary collection.

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