Children’s Book Illustration:
Marianthe’s Story
One: Painted Words
Two: Spoken Memories
By Aliki

Greenwillow Books, New York, 1998

This visual interpretive analysis was designed by Patricia Joel.

What do you think Aliki is communicating in this cover illustration?

Which interpretation most closely resembles your own?

Click on the paintbrush to see if your interpretation is supported by the text and other illustrations

Aliki's Life Story 

Getting to know all the parts of Marianthe's life was like "peeling an orange" to reveal the different segments. Note that Book One describes Mari's PRESENT life, while Book Two describes Mari's PAST life.
This helps to create the air of mystery about the new girl in the class. When we read Book One, we do not know any more about Mari than her classmates do.
Where would you like to begin peeling back the layers of Aliki's Life Story? You may go in any order you want.


Aliki's Interests 

Aliki sprinkled picture clues about her interests throughout the book.

These interests form the basis of other books by Aliki.

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