A Sort of Children's Literature Literacy Test

I have collected the first lines of children's books I hope you will recognize as old acquaintances. Your challenge is to name the book given the first line.

Enjoy the lovely recognitions!

Try this Mixed Sampler
Picture Books, Part 1
Picture Books, Part 2
Picture Books, Part 3
Picture Books, Part 4
Stories, Part 1
Stories, Part 2
Stories, Part 3
Stories, Part 4
Stories, Part 5

My enormous thanks to John Dobbins who, with Mary Ochs, began all of this with their page First Lines. John Dobbins, at the Cornell University Lab of Nuclear Studies, was most gracious in permitting the use of his JavaScript. I also wish to thank Jon Oliver at Rutgers University who walked me through the immense hurdles of installation to my directory.

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Created August 1, 1997 Last Updated August 2, 1997