Quick Test Four

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1. Who is called "Chibi" by the children in his class?

2. What author/illustrator focused a number of books on the stories of the Amish, Quaker, and Pennsylvania Dutch children?

3. What is the book written and illustrated by Toshi Maruki on the dropping of the atomic bomb?

4. What is the story of the wonderfully imaginative African-American child's play in winter written by Ezra Jack Keats?

5. What is the reason given for the persecution in the Golem by David Wisniewski?

6. Who wrote Ashanti to Zulu illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon?

7. Who wrote A Ride on the Red Mare's Back illustrated by Julie Downing?

8. Who retold and illustrated the picture book that retells the story of Opal Wheeler?

9. In what country did E. B. Lewis placed the illustrations in Jane Kurtz's Fire on the Mountain?

10. What were the major objections by censors to Margot Zemach's Jake and Honeybunch Go to Heaven?

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