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The links that are offered here extend the information about folklore, mythology, fairy tales, and about specific tales such as "Snow White," "Cinderella," and "Little Red Riding Hood." I have included ties to particularly well-done cultural tales sites, although I certainly make no claim to have examined all such resources in cyberspace. I have included links to university courses and electronic text data bases where I thought the content to be particularly useful to those working in children's literature.Provides a large selection of definitions of "myth" as well as an enormous list of links for mythology. "Mythology on the Web: A Cyberspace Guide to Mythology."

Provides a vast area of links to Earth's indigenous peoples resources.Native Web

It contains well over 2300 definitions of gods and goddesses, supernatural beings and legendary creatures and monsters from all over the world.The Encyclopedia of Mythica

The Camelot Project, at the University of Rochester, is designed to make available in electronic format a database of Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies, and basic informationCamelot Project

For an excellent and understandable glossary as well as Korean tales visit "Myths and Legends of Ancient Korea"

For a excellent collection of resources on the Welcome to Oz Oz this site is a magical trip.

For legends translated and/or edited by D. L. Ashliman at the University of Pittsburgh visit Water Spirit Legends

Snow White is an electronic text file of six Snow White versions from Italy, Scotland, Switzerland and to a German version from Grimm created by Professor D. L. Ashliman.

For a charming re-telling with annotations of this classic tale.visit Three Little Pigs

This is an enormously rich site on faerie and folklore entitled Faeries that is an essential resource to work in this area.

To read new versions of selected fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel set in new settings with capability to download images to color try this site.

To read Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts with the texts edited and/or translated by D. L. Ashliman.

This site is designed by a sixth grade class and includes stories from all over the world. Creation Stories and Myths

This site does comparative work with the ballad Tam Lin. The Tam Lin Page

Sleeping Beauty is a site of Professor D. L. Ashliman's with five alternative texts.

To examine a collection of information of as many of the major (and minor) Greek heroes and heroines who have played some part in Classical Mythology. Classical Mythology

To read an excerpt, written by Tom Davenport, "About Folktales" try here.

Tales of Wonder--Folk and Fairy Tales offers a range of information and alternative sites on African tales.

Mother Goose offers comparative tables on Mother Goose Tales and in the French and English versions developed by Professor D. L. Ashliman.

Visit this site for an introduction to the Sami People. Sami People

A large, easy to read collection of stories. "Tales of Traditional Wisdom"

A World-Wide site for Medieval Studies that links to excellent resources is called Labyrinth.

One of the largest electronic text data bases available is at the University of Virginia Library and it does include materials by children's authors.

Literature Links is a tightly designed site that offers a number of excellent links to the works of Shakespeare and Saki as well as to children's literature.

For everything Celtic visit "Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore, and Drama."

For those who wish to explore the world of Shapspeare as well as the specific plays this the site to use. Shakespeare's Stratford-Upon-the-Web Site

For excellent resources on Norse myths including a large number of links visit "Norse Mythology"

This site includes excellent information for teachers on Korean culture as well as stories from that culture. "HomePage of Korean Folktales"

This includes an extensive list of linked stories from indigenous peoples. "Stories"

A very extensive collection of links to mythological histories. Essential for work in this field. Mythology Page

A comparative study of a traditional Perrault Cinderella and a Mi'kmaq Indian Cinderella version.Mi'kmaq Cinderella

To read Raven Tales,Native American Tales of the Pacific Northwest.

For the opportunity to read an abbreviated version of a Japanese myth of great popularity involving the stars Vega and Altair and that is celebrated as the festival "Tanabata" visit "The Separation of Orihime and Kengyu"

This is an excellent site with enormous child appeal in the design and execution. "Oban" is the character who escorts the reader through the site with many interactive options. The myths and legends included are excellent. "Animals: Myths and Legends, Tales from Oban the Knowledge Keeper"

A very large and detailed site on Greek Mythology that includes a search engine. This is a part of the Encyclopedia Mythica. Greek Mythology

A mythology course is available in the Comparative Literature department with Sara Warner at Rutgers University. Introduction to World Mythology: Mythology and Popular Culture

To explore a number of interesting selections on the Disney film. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs site

An opportunity to look at a lesson plans on fairy tales and folklore. Lesson Plans on Myths, and Folktales

North-South Books provides brief annotations on their fairy tales and folklore.

This is in the tradition of the Muslim stories of the Sufis and includes a large number of delightful tales."Mariam's Story Park-A Cyber-Story-Teller"

To study 16 versions of "Little Red Riding Hood" try the project at the University of Southern Mississippi De Grummond Children's Literature Research Collection.

To study 12 versions of "Cinderella" try the project at the University of Southern Mississippi De Grummond Collection. For additional "Cinderella" stories connect to the excellent site at the University of Calgary collection.

To read an online version of Hansel and Gretel visit the Grimms Fairy Tale site.

To read a discussion of folklore and Disney from the listserv "Childlit."

Here Be Dragons! Is an exciting site providing enormous amounts of information on dragonlore. It is beautifully constructed with excellent pictures of dragons and musical accompaniment.

Excellent annotated bibliography of creation stories selected by the late Professor Glenn E. Estes of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville."Creation Stories"

Another site by Glenn Estes on Noah and his animals that gives a detailed bibliography of Noah stories."Noah and the Ark and the Animals"

To read a shortened non-poetry version of Pushkin's "The Tale of the Dead Princess" visit this site.

To obtain the lyrics for the songs from Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

To read the discussion from the listserv "ChildLit" on Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Feminist Version of the Old Tale?

For a list of links on Chicano folklore and traditions visit "CL Net Folklore/Customs/Tradition."

Jean Rusting has developed a series of lesson plans for young people on several tales. For instance, to read the Cap o' Rushes lesson plan visit this site. She has additional pages on Tattercoats, The Twelve Months, and The Princess and the Golden Shoes.

Although only indirectly related, I have included the rather extensive syllabus on Appalachian Literature for Youth designed by the late Professor Glenn Estes of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.Appalachian Literature for Youth Course Outline"

An attractive site about Hans Christian Andersen with a listing of all his tales. Hans Christian Andersen

A portal to the realm of fairy tale and folklore studies featuring annotated fairy tales. Listed below are the various tales includes in the site.Sur La Lune: Fairy Tale Pages . This site is developed and maintained by Heidi Anne Heiner.

Beauty and the Beast


Brother and Sister


East of the Sun and West of the Moon

The Frog King, or Iron Henry

The Goose Girl

Hansel and Gretel

Jack and the Beanstalk

Little Red Riding Hood

Puss In Boots



Sleeping Beauty

Snow White and Rose Red

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The Twelve Dancing Princesses


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