Undergraduate Admissions

SC&I Application for admission

2016 - 2017 Application Periods

Application Cycle
Application Period
Admission Decisions By
Fall 2016 (for Spring 2017 Admission)

Sept 6, 2016-Oct 7, 2016

October 21, 2016
Spring 2017 (for Fall 2017 Admission)

Jan 17, 2017-Feb 17, 2017

March 27, 2017
Summer Cycle I
May 15, 2017-June 2, 2017
Summer Cycle II
June 26, 2017-July 14, 2017

About SC&I Majors

SC&I offers three undergraduate major programs.  Use these links to find out more about them:

If you are a current Rutgers student, we welcome you to apply to one of our majors if you meet our admission criteria, below.

If you are a prospective Rutgers student and need information about applying to Rutgers for admission to the university, you can get detailed information about Rutgers and the application process from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  We  hope once you're here you will consider one of our majors.

Applying to a SC&I Major

Interested students must meet each of the following minimum requirements in order to submit an application to any SC&I major:

  1. You must have already COMPLETED Expository Writing (01:355:101) at Rutgers University or an exact equivalent course with a grade of C or better; AND

  2. You must have already COMPLETED at least 15 credits at Rutgers, or at least 15 transfer credits to Rutgers, with at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA; AND

  3. You must have already COMPLETED the required course for the major of your choice with a grade of C or better:

For Communication Major applicants, the required prerequisite survey course is 04:189:101 Introduction to Communication and Information Processes

For Journalism & Media Studies Major applicants, the required prerequisite survey course is 04:189:102 Introduction to Media (formerly Introduction to Media Systems and Processes).

For Information Technology & Informatics Major applicants, the required prerequisite survey course is 04:189:103 Information Technology and Informatics

Please note that meeting our minimums does not guarantee admission to a major.

Our application to the major is relatively simple to complete.  Log in to the application below; complete some basic information about yourself; and complete a one page essay.  (The essay question asks you to explain why you are interested in the major and what you project yourself doing after you graduate with your bachelor's degree from Rutgers.  Your essay should be a maximum of one page.)  When we receive your application online we will get copies of your transcripts from the Registrar's Office.  If you are a transfer student, we will obtain any required transfer transcripts from Undergraduate Admissions.

Our application is available online from the beginning of each semester until the application deadline for the semester.  It is important that you "SUBMIT" your application once you have completed it in entirety, as our admissions committee will not be able to review applications that are not 'submitted'.


Deadlines and Admissions Notifications

The next deadline for applying for a SC&I major is FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 2016.  The online application will be open for you to begin your application as of MONDAY, MAY 16, 2016.

SC&I admits students to our majors during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.  Specific deadlines are posted each semester, but in general our deadlines are:

  • During fall semester:  first week of October
  • During spring semester:  mid-February
  • During summer:  mid-July

Students who apply are notified of the admission decision within six weeks of the admission application deadline.  During the fall and spring, this enables newly admitted students to pre-register for the next semester as a major.  Students admitted during summer will have the opportunity to change fall course registrations to majors-only classes during late August.

Changing your Major within the School of Communication and Information

We encourage you to consider carefully before applying to or selecting a major for your college career, no matter what your interests.  If you are considering SC&I, it is best if you take more than one of our 100 level survey courses (04:189:101, 102, 103) so you are exposed to more than one major before submitting an application to us.  Since a second 100 level course is required in order for you to graduate from SC&I and as a prerequisite for all of our upper (400 level) classes anyway, taking the second 100 level class early will help you in two ways.

If you are admitted to a SC&I major and later feel that a different major would be a better choice for you, you can apply to change your major during our admissions process each semester.  When the online application opens, log in and then select that you are applying to change your major.  We ask you to submit an essay explaining why you want to make the switch, what you hope to gain from the new major, and what you project yourself doing five years after you graduate from Rutgers.

BE ADVISED THAT UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS CAN NOT DOUBLE MAJOR WITHIN THE SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION. For instance, you can not double major in Communication and Journalism and Media Studies.