Awards: When to Seek Them and When to Give Them


Topics Covered in This Section:

        Nominate Yourself

        Package Your Entry

        Killer Supporting Letters

        Publicize Your Win

        Giving an Award


Weíre a nation of award-givers and award-getters.The Academy Awards wonít suffice; weíve got to have the Golden Globe Awards and the Peopleís Choice Awards as well.The Grammies arenít enough; bring on the Country Music Awards and the MTV Awards as well.You didnít get a Pulitzer?Maybe youíll grab a National Book Award.


Every Fourth of July I wove crepe paper streamers through the wheel spokes of my bicycle and taped flags to the handle bars in order to participate in the big parade down the main street of town, sponsored by the neighborhood association.The best thing about it was every kid in the parade got a blue ribbon at the end -- nobody came in second or third.I proudly displayed my collection of blue ribbons on my personal bulletin board over my bed until I was in high school and decided it wasnít cool.


Walk into the office of most successful people in business or academia today and youíll see the collection of memorabilia, plaques, framed citations, sheepskins and photos taken with minor or major celebrities.


In some cultures, such displays of ego and pride would be considered vulgar.In America, itís a decorative means of displaying the artifacts that represent the same things as the words and phrases in your resume or curriculum vita.Just like the peacock spreading his tail feathers to impress the peahen, we create a museum starring ourselves to signify to our coworkers that we have attained a certain status in our profession.