Laurie Colwin

This page is devoted to my favorite author, the late, great Laurie Colwin, who wrote about food, love, and domesticity with amazing accuracy.  Before her untimely death she wrote five novels, three volumes of short stories, and two memoir/cookbooks.

Ms. Colwin, much like Jane Austen, wrote about society and manners.  Her novels are short on plot and long on character.  She knew how to take the reader inside the life and mind of a single person and make the reader know that character like an old friend.

Allow me to recommend any of the following:

Another Marvelous Thing
A Big Storm Knocked It Over
Family Happiness
Goodbye without Leaving
Happy All the Time
Home Cooking
The Lone Pilgrim
More Home Cooking
Passion and Affect
Shine On, Bright and Dangerous Object


"Colwin's Stories Can Feed the Soul" by Nancy Pate

"Laurie Colwin: A Writer in the Kitchen" by Willard Spiegelman

"Cravings" reviews of Home Cooking and More Home Cooking

"Laurie Colwin: A Story Too Short but Still in Print" by Jonathan Yardley

"Laurie Colwin's Spice Cake" by Arthur Schwartz

"Laurie Colwin Biography" from Barnes & Noble

"Like the Deserts Miss the Rain" by Bakerina

"Another Marvelous Thing and Good Brownies Too" by Selkie

"Laurie Colwin" by Roger Friedman

"Why I Collect Cookbooks" by Alice Dick

Last updated April 22, 2005