Basic Cutting Methods

This is traditional Chinese cleave. Chinese usually use this kind of knife to cut the meat, especially meat with bones. It is very sharp and here are some instructions when you use the cleave you should notice.

A. How to hold a cleave correctly

IF you would like to keep right cutting methods,first of all, you must learn to hold a cleave correctly How to make controlling the cleaver properly and easily? Grasp the cleaver firmly by the handle with the index finger resting against the side of the blade on one side and your thumb resting against the blade on the other. And then hold the food with the other hand, and curl the fingertips under so that tour fingers can be protected from the blade.


In order to make slicing easier, you can partially freeze meat or poultry before cutting. How to make the meat more tenderizing? Slice the meat across the grain.


After slicing the food, stack the slices and cut into strips.  


Generally, the range of dice is about 1/4 to 1/2 inch to a side. Slice and shred first, and then hold the shreds together and cut them into small pieces, or dice. 


This kind of cutting method is often used for cylindrical shaped vegetables, such as carrots and potatoes. Roll-cutting method can extend the exposed surface and to create attractive slices. Begin by making a diagonal slice, roll the food a quarter turn and slice again on the diagonal. Continue turning a quarter turn for each cut.