Painting Terra-Cotta Flower Pots


  1. Terra-cotta pots
  2. Latex/acrylic paint
  3. Masking tape
  4. Artist's paint brushes
  5. Cardboard
  6. Rub-off glue
  7. Block of wood

Painting terra-cotta pots with bold vivid colors is any easy and inexpensive way to add a flair to otherwise ordinary looking clay pots. Terra-cotta pots are available in many sizes. I purchased several four inch pots.

First, rinse them quickly under water, brushing away any debris left on the pot. Apply the first base coat completely covering the pots.

Tip: When applying the first coat, set the pot on a small wooden block slightly larger than the base, elevating the pot will enable you to reach the hard to paint areas.

For a deeper color, apply a second coat. After the pots are dry, it's time to decorate. If you want to paint the strips freehand, purchase a flat bristle artist's brush with the same width you want the strip. Just lay it flat against the pot, and paint downward, in one stroke. For an straight-line effect- use masking tape to cover the base coat in alternating stripes. Apply the second shade carefully over the tape, making sure the paint doesn't creep under the tape. After it is completely dry, remove the masking tape. For polka-a-dots, cut out a round circle from cardboard. Using a rub-off glue, glue the dots on the pot. Apply the second shade carefully, making sure the second coat doesn't creep under the dots. Allow to dry, then remove the dots. For an extra flair, consider painting the rim in another color, and finish with a contrasting big bow.

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