610:501 Introduction to Library and Information Professions

Welcome to our school and to our program!

Included herein are materials that, together with catalog information contained in the School's website, http://comminfo.rutgers.edu/, comprise your introduction to the MLIS program. This 501 packet is part of a larger information resource you will find in eCollege once the semester begins. There you will be able to hand in your assignments as well as learn about our brand new student ePortfolio initiative!

You will find this 501 Packet an extremely valuable resource. Please feel free to browse and refer to this site at your convenience! Its creation was a project of epic proportions undertaken by Professor Jana Varlejs who has since retired. Commencing Fall 2011, I will be guiding you through this course as well as the ePortfolio process.

When the semester begins, please log into eCollege (www.rutgersonline.net) and look for this class (17:610:501). There you will more information that will serve you well as you progress through your studies. Both online and on-campus students will interact in this course for the duration of the semester as well as through your program of study. This will be a good opportunity for you to meet one another!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: pavlovsk@rutgers.edu

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Lilia Pavlovsky, PhD