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Sites related to the Food & Drink of the time

Alcoholic Drinks of the Middle Ages
A collection of essays, recipes, and other research by the author on the drinking of medieval England.
Bibliography of Books on the Topic Medieval and Renaissance Food and Feasts
Actually, it's an annotated bibliography. The books are of a variety of types (reference, children, etc.) but will definitely give you some practical places to start.
Cindy Renfrow - A Sip Through Time - Recipes
These are sample mead recipes from Cindy Renfrows's book A sip through time that have been transcribed from some older sources. The sources are included.
Culinary gleanings from John Gerard's Herball
Selections from the 1633 herbal that relate to the preparation of food. Useful if you want to know how they used mint 300 years ago.
A Guide to Mead
Is primarily a history and detailed description of mead. Includes a recipe as well. Very clear, concise, and easy to read.
Historia con nosotros
A web site created by Teresa and Jesus de Castro. Teresa's portion looks at the food & drink of medieval Castille, Granada, and more. It's entirely in Spanish but full of resources. Many thanks to Teresa for pointing her site out to me and to Babelfish for the translation.
Historical Recipes of Different Cultures
A text only collection of recipes translated to modern cooking.
Medieval Cookbooks -- An Annotated Bibliography
An excellently annotated list of historical cookbooks. The bibliography includes an excellent explanation as to the reasons behind the recommendations for or against each title.
The Medieval Kitchen: Recipes from France and Italy, six recipes
This site contains six sample recipes from the book The Medieval Kitchen. Or you could buy the book, I suppose, for even more than that.
Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage
An SCA site for brewing discussions. Includes information on how to join a historical brewing mailing list.
A short bibliography of Medieval/Renaissance brewing
The benefit of this list is that it's annotated so you can avoid the useless items & get to the good stuff. Some of the books in the bibliography contain recipes for food as well.

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