[Marijah's Bibliography of Renaissance and Medieval Europe

These sites all have something to do with music.

Axel the Sot's
Pub on the Web
A minstrel who performs at a variety of faires. His page includes information on recordings as well as sound files of some of the music he performs.
Cantaria song library
A library of bardic music, including a section on pre-1600 music. Includes lyrics and, when available, a sound file of the piece. Songs are indexed by year, title, and first lines.
The Internet Renaissance Band
A collection of midi files arranged by period. This is quite a vast archive. I do not have the ability to play these files so I can't vouch for their clarity or accuracy - but what a collection!!!
The Kitchen Musician's Hammered Dulcimer Site Index
This site has information on hammered dulcimer's, music for them and other renaissance and medieval music information.
Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
An alphabetical table of various instruments. Selecting one provides you with pictures of the instrument, information on its history and how its played, a bibliography for more info, and even the opportunity to hear what it sounds like. Very complete and fascinating. Many thanks to Alan Spohnheimer who pointed me here.
Medieval & Renaissance Music
A list of CD's that contain music from the Medieval and Renaissance periods.
Medieval and Renaissance Music - Early Music Resources
An annotated bibliography of music web sites. Well organized!
The Mudcat Cafe
A database, mailing list, & more all dedicated to folk and traditional music. Includes the lyrics to some "period" songs.
The Music of Thomas Ravenscroft
Reproductions in a variety of file formats of both the original and modern musical formats of the period composer Thomas Ravenscroft.
Musicians & dancers as well as vendors of related items
An annotated list that I've put together.
Renaissance Dance Sources
A bibliography of web and print sources of 15th-17th century European articles, books, pamphlets,, etc, about dance.
Royal Chessman Song Lyrics Archive
A collection of lyrics to songs that are popular at Faires around the country.
SCA Minstrel Homepage
Contains links for SCA-specific information as well as musical information of interest to all. These general links include bibliographies, articles, and the songs themselves. Many thanks to Kate Akers for recommending this site as well as the following one.
A Selection of Medieval Music
An essay on the development of music in the Middle Ages of Europe beginning with the 12th century. Includes samples of the various kinds of music, as well.
A Selection of Renaissance Music
A discussion of the development and style of Renaissance music along with samples of the music.
Songs of and About Elizabethan Times
The lyrics to songs sung at various Faires.
Texts of Lieder and Art Songs
A huge database of translated lyrics to many, many classical songs. Songs can be searched by composer, first line, title, and more. While not all are period appropriate, many are!
The Troubadours - Mediaeval or Tudor Music played on Historical Musical Instruments
Their site includes photos and a .wav file of their music.

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