[Marijah's Bibliography of Renaissance and Medieval Europe]

I have been studying and involved with renaissance faires and renaissance/medieval history for years. I graduated from library school with my M.L.S. in 1997 and this page was designed as a class project for my Internet Interfaces course .

If you are interested in any information relating to the Renaissance or Medieval eras in Europe - you're in the right place! You can presently travel to annotated lists of selected web sites. These are all sites that I believe to contain valuable or interesting information. These lists can be accessed through the headings in the following Table of Contents . I hope that you both enjoy and find what you need!!!

This site is a constant work in progress as I discover new sites & old ones disappear from the Web. If you have any sites that you think should be included, please, send them on. I'm always open to suggestions! Also please let me know if any links no longer work. I check them as best I can but sometimes I miss one.


  1. An in-depth description of this page
  2. Sites for more information about Renaissance Faires
  3. The home sites of different Faires
  4. Sites providing information of a generally historical bent
  5. Sites that provide you with original sources
  6. Sites that deal with heraldry
  7. Sites about costumes, clothing, weapons, and armour
  8. Sites about the food and drink of those bygone days
  9. The home pages for various century-appropriate vendors
  10. Wedding related stuff!
  11. Sites about medieval role-playing/reenactment groups
  12. Sites that are for the music minded
  13. A plethora of miscellaneous links
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