Teacher's Guide to Student Literacy

Lesson planning can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially when students are struggling. Many times it is not the teacher's fault but rather the text or the other materials being used. It is important to realize there are strategic steps to using such materials.

This web site will help guide you through the process of planning an effective lesson.

The first thing to realize is that lesson planning has three steps

  1. Set up your students and prepare them for the lesson
  2. Give them guidance during the lesson
  3. Reinforce and assess what they learned and did in the lesson

Within each step are detailed procedures on how to implement them. The following is the basic outline for teaching through text. This strategy can be used for any medium you are using in your class including audio and video formats.

1. Assist Students Develop Purposes (Set up students)

a) Determine Student Background-Activate Prior knowledge

b) Proved Needed Instruction

c) Present New Vocabulary

d) Help Students Set Purposes

2. Facilitate Reading - Reasoning (Give guidance)

a) Provide Assistance as Needed

b) Segment Long Assignments

3. Reinforce / Assess Reading-Reasoning (Reinforce and Assess)
4. Enforce Reading and Study Skills