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MI School Library Certification

School Library Certification – Introduction

Navigating the road to certification can be a bit confusing. We aim to provide you with all the relevant information about New Jersey certification and how to apply for certification. The process will differ depending on your circumstances, such as your education, current certifications and goals.

In New Jersey, there are two ways of gaining certification to work in a school media center:

  1. School Library Media Specialist certification (SLMS)
  2. Associate School Library Media Specialist certification (ASLMS). Rutgers School of Communication and Information NO LONGER offers the ASLMS certification program

At Rutgers University, School Library Media Specialist certification (SLMS) is offered through the Master of Information program and the School Library Studies Concentration (ranked #1 nationally, tied with Florida State University). Our state-approved, ALA-accredited degree program consists of 36 credits (12 classes) and three non-credit courses (501, 502, and 503) that you must complete within three years. The school library plan of study has been approved by the New Jersey Department of Education for state certification as a School Library Media Specialist.

In addition to the courses required for the degree, the SLMS certification by the Department of Education in New Jersey also requires students to satisfy an education component that can be fulfilled in any of the following three ways: by possessing a standard teaching certificate, by proving that you completed a NJ State-approved college teacher preparation program, or by completing a cohesive plan of study of at least 9 credits that covers the education content areas mandated by the state. Rutgers MI program current sequence of courses (revised for students beginning in Summer 2019) fulfills this education requirement.

This LibGuide has more information regarding the field experience requirement for students in the School Library Concentration.

Please send all questions regarding certification to Allison Machiaverna.