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Ph.D. Information Retrieval, Language and Communication

Information Retrieval, Language and Communication


The Information Retrieval, Communication and Language concentration focuses on research that examines information retrieval in its broadest sense. Faculty research encompasses the development and assessment of automatic systems that support user retrieval of text, audio and visual documents from large collections, and improved understanding of how real people interact with information retrieval systems. One goal is to use this understanding to develop systems that meet the needs of different user communities. By extension, research on information retrieval has come to include data mining, computational linguistics, and corpus linguistics, all of which can be viewed as techniques for improving information retrieval.


Multi-media information retrieval, which examines systems that support search across text, audio and video

Argument mining, which yields automatic identification of argumentative units in whole session information retrieval

See dissertations listings.

Affiliated Faculty:

Nick Belkin, Michael Lesk, Marie Radford, Chirag Shah, Anselm Spoerri, Nina Wacholder