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Communication Independent Study

The Department of Communication offers students the option to work closely with professors in either an Independent Study or Research in Communication. Independent Study Courses (192:491 & 192:492) do not count as credits toward the Communication major. Research in Communication (192:470), however, does count as credits toward the major. 

Both of these study options are arranged by contacting an instructor in the department. Once an instructor agrees to work with a student, that instructor arranges the number of meetings, course requirements, and grades.

A student should obtain an application from the Department of Communication, or download, print and complete an application, obtain the instructor's signature, and return it to the department. Once approved, the department will provide a special permission number allowing the student to register for the Independent study (192:491, or, if a second time, 192:492), or Research in Communication (192:470). 

To qualify for an Independent Study or Research in Communication, a student must:

  • Be a Communication Major 
  • Be a Junior or Senior 
  • Have a 2.5 College GPA 
  • Have completed 189:101 and 102, and 192:200, 201, and 300 
  • Obtain a Faculty Sponsor 
  • Obtain, Complete, and Submit an Application 

Download the Department of Communication Independent Study application.

Download the Department of Communication Research in Communication application.


Another enriching opportunity for students is to become a tutor in one of the various Communication courses offered by the Department of Communication. Tutors are able to work closely with undergraduate students and receive credits toward their degree requirements (but, as with the Independent study, not toward the Communication major).

To be a tutor, students must obtain and complete the Tutor Application, have the instructor sign it, and return the application to the department. The department will then provide a special permission number for the student to use to register for the course, 192:495, Applied Study in Communication. The tutor application includes (1) the application form, (2) a departmental tutor policy, which the student must also sign and submit with the application, and (3) a description of the Tutor's responsibilities.

Download the Department of Communication Tutor/Applied Study in Communication 192:495 application.