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The Leadership in Organizations and Community specialization helps individuals assume a leadership role in the workplace and in communities. Possessing knowledge and skills related to leadership communication are crucial for people who lead large-scale projects, direct programs, or facilitate teams. The demand for employees with leadership expertise is high across all sectors, including for-profit companies, nonprofits and government agencies. 


The Leadership in Organizations and Community specialization helps develop the skills and competencies necessary for leading people in today’s complex professional environment. By focusing on leadership and communication, students can use their knowledge to advance in many settings, including for-profit and nonprofit organizations, communities, and governmental agencies. Whether students see themselves pursuing an advanced degree or putting skills to work, this specialization prepares graduates to enter fields such as:

  • Project and Program Management
  • Executive-Level Management
  • Civic Engagement Leadership
  • Community Affairs
  • Public Administration
  • Lobbying and Policymaking
  • Public Discourse Strategy
  • Organizational Development & Consulting

Our outstanding faculty members bring academic rigor and real-world experience to the classroom, and guide students to better understand the principles of effective communication, the challenges leaders face in organizations and communities, effective collaboration and decision-making practices, as well as team management and group interaction. Our faculty seamlessly blends fundamental theory and research with practical applications to help students learn the contexts and contingencies related to strategic execution of leadership.

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