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Communication - Tailor PR

Strategic Public Communication & Public Relations (18 credits)

Choose at least 2 Core Courses:

(Can take as many as 5)

Choose up to 4 Elective Courses:

(At least one NOT in Practice/Tools set)

Practice/Tools Courses:

Strategic Public Communication and Public Relations can be combined with other specializations so students may expand their career options. 

To learn more about Public Relations and Strategic Public Relations, visit the following websites:

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  • Specializations are open to Communication majors.
  • Students may earn more than one specialization (as long as all requirements are satisfied).
  • Specialization course credits will apply toward satisfying degree requirements in the major.
  • A total of six courses (18 credits) are required for each specialization.
  • There are NO course substitutions permitted unless the department has approved a new course/special topics course for a specialization.
  • Courses already taken (even before fall 2014) will count toward the specializations if they are on the approved list. Students must follow all the same rules for enrolling in a course as any student not in a specialization (e.g., all prerequisites apply)