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04:547:450 ITI Internship


The internship is approximately 150 hours of workplace employment that represents a significant learning opportunity for the student. As a 3-credit course, it has a significant learning component.

Through discussion with the ITI internship coordinator, students are required to identify workplace learning objectives, and to establish how these learning objectives are going to be met through a range of workplace activities, and to be demonstrated – both to the workplace supervisor and to the internship coordinator at the School of Communication and Information (SC&I).

Students may apply to undertake an ITI internship AFTER they have completed a minimum of 24 credits in the major – (04:547 classes). Internships are not approved at the commencement of the major, as it provides opportunity to apply knowledge and skills learned during the major to extend this classroom learning, to develop an understanding of the dynamics of the ITI workplace, and to contribute in a professional way to a range of initiatives and goals of the chosen organization.

Procedure For Applying to Undertake an ITI Internship

Before an internship can be formally approved, students are required to develop a full proposal outlining its nature, objectives and outcomes developed in consultation with the ITI internship coordinator. The proposal represents the formal agreement between the student, place of employment and SC&I, and is placed in the student’s file at SC&I. When this proposal is reviewed and approved, the student is assigned a Special Permission Number to proceed with the enrollment and to commence the Internship.

From the outset, students are encouraged to identify their own career aspirations and learning needs and to develop learning objectives and strategies consistent with those needs. In developing the proposal, students are encouraged to reflect on their learning in the ITI major, their career goals, to identify particular interests, needs or gaps in their learning, and to show how the work program will address these.

The Proposal

The internship proposal is submitted by means of a form. Students are encouraged to download a copy of the Internship Proposal Form. Submit the completed form, with attachments, to the ITI internship coordinator who will, in turn, provide a copy to Student Support staff located in Room 214 of the SC&I Building.

Workplace Evaluation

The evaluation criteria outlined below will be provided to all workplace supervisors:

  • Summary of duties student has undertaken.
  • Evaluation of performance. This might include quality of outputs, oral and written communication, interpersonal skills, workplace competencies related to ITI, and generic workplace competencies and attitudes. The evaluation may include highlighting a student’s ability to cope with pressure, deal with workplace issues, adapt and be flexible in changing conditions.
  • Evaluation of potential: Personal attributes/qualities, capacity to master new skills and knowledge; self-development; responsiveness to feedback.

During the Internship

Interns will meet online with the internship coordinator as individuals and as a group throughout the semester. A discussion list will offer opportunities to describe experiences, answer questions, and learn from other students. Substantive discussions of internship experiences will be expected as part of course participation.