ITI game production

ITI Game Specialization

Students who are passionate about games and would like to work as a producer in the video game industry are top-notch candidates for the Game Design and Innovation Specialization.

The Game Production and Innovation specialization is designed for ITI majors. This specialization benefits those who have an interest in gaming and game studies, as an addition to or instead of coding and developing games. It provides a basic understanding of game informatics and design – which includes the social dimensions of various users (e.g., designers, builders, players, managers, etc.); the technical dimensions with a focus on design; and the organizational and contextual dimensions.

The objective of Game Production and Innovation is to provide students with the capability to plan and design video games to address organizational and societal issues, including recreational gaming. Specific careers in gaming may include game production, game design, writing or screen writing, animation and management.

The ITI major is 39 credits. There are 18 credits of requirements, and 21 credits of electives, 18 of which will be for the specialization. A GPA of 2.0 in ITI is required for completion of the major and only courses completed with grades of C or better count toward completion of the ITI major.

Required (9 credits)

Electives (9 credits) – Choose 3 


NOTE: Internships in the game industry and/or other game-related courses *may* be taken to fulfill the optional course requirements for the specialization subject to review and pre-approval of the ITI Program Director.


Career Opportunities:
Game producer