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JMS Recent Additions

Recent Additions to the JMS Curriculum

The Department of Journalism and Media continues to add new and exciting courses. For instance, in the Fall of 2015 JMS debuted offerings in:

  • Digital Media Production
  • Documentary Filmmaking and Storytelling
  • Media, Movements, and Community Engagement
  • Promotional Media
  • Media, Science, and Public Engagement
  • The Three Credit Internship

The following topic courses have also been offered by the department, with an aim to permanently add each to the curriculum:

  • Fashion Journalism
  • Writing About Social Issues
  • Transmedia Storytelling and Content Creation
  • Media Field Production

The department has also introduced on-campus topics courses that enable students to study abroad: 

  • Media and Struggles for Democracy in Central America (Guatemala)
  • Global News Abroad (England and France)
  • Writing the Mediterranean (Italy)