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JMS Recent Additions

The Department of Journalism and Media continues to add new and exciting courses. For instance, in the Fall of 2015 JMS debuted offerings in:

  • Digital Media Production
  • Documentary Filmmaking and Storytelling
  • Media, Movements, and Community Engagement
  • Promotional Media
  • Media, Science, and Public Engagement
  • The Three Credit Internship

The following topic courses have also been offered by the department, with an aim to permanently add each to the curriculum:

  • Fashion Journalism
  • Writing About Social Issues
  • Transmedia Storytelling and Content Creation
  • Media Field Production

The department has also introduced on-campus topics courses that enable students to study abroad: 

  • Media and Struggles for Democracy in Central America (Guatemala)
  • Global News Abroad (England and France)
  • Writing the Mediterranean (Italy)