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JMS Major Requirements

Completing Journalism and Media Studies Requirements

All JMS majors are required to take two core courses:

All JMS majors are required to choose at least one track. Students must complete:

  • One foundation course
  • Two courses in Practice and Innovation 
  • Two courses in Concept and Analysis
    • One of the Concept and Analysis courses must be at the 400 level

All JMS majors must also take:

  • Electives (12 credits)

A complete list of JMS courses is available. Students can take any course in the major as an elective, including foundation courses from another track. 

The Department of Journalism and Media Studies is committed to addressing issues around Diversity, Difference, and Social Justice. To accomplish this, students MUST take at least one of the following courses to complete the major: 

04:567:274 Consumer Media Culture
04:567:333 Media and Popular Culture
04:567:334 Gender, Race, and Class in the Media
04:567:351 Digital Media and Society
04:567:365 Mediating the Middle East
04:567:380 Media and Social Change
04:567:420 Global News
04:567:475 International Media

Any of these courses will satisfy a track requirement if it is listed under either Practice and Innovation or Concept and Analysis.  Students should check their chosen track or speak to an adviser to verify. 

To graduate with a JMS major all students must:

  • Complete 33 credits in the major plus three credits of the Interdisciplinary Requirement.
  • Earn a grade of C or better in all SC&I courses in order for those courses to count toward requirements.

SC&I Interdisciplinary Requirement

JMS majors must complete either 04:189:101 Introduction to Communication or 04:189:103 Information Technology and Informatics, to fulfill the three-credit interdisciplinary requirement of the school. The course must be taken before senior year. These credits do not count toward the major, but are a requirement of the school for all majors. Students must earn a C or better to meet the requirement.

Students may wish to browse the entire list of JMS major requirements.