Part-Time Faculty


Communication is about making connections. Whether in our personal lives or professional lives, choosing what we say and how we say it affects all aspects of our relationships. We have the power to influence, inspire, inform, persuade, motivate, and move people with our verbal, written, and non-verbal communication.

Christine Dunham is passionate about that power that she has spent the last 20 years of her professional life delivering workshops and consulting with individuals and organizations on the art of verbal and nonverbal communication. She is an energetic facilitator who recognizes the need to not only educate, but also engage and entertain her audience.  She loves what she does, and that comes through in her workshops.

Dunham is originally from Northampton, PA. She has lived in Huntington Beach, CA for the last 22 years with her husband Scott and three sons. 


Shippensburg University
BA, Speech Communications

Shippensburg University
MS, Communication Studies