SC&I Panopto Server:
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What is Panopto?

- "Panopto is an affordable course capture, or lecture capture, system created by educators to improve teaching and learning. With Panopto, instructors can easily combine audio,  video, PowerPoint slides, and live screens into one integrated presentation, immediately available for online viewing."
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NOTE to Students

To all students using Panopto to record speeches and presentations,

Please remember to rehearse THEN record. Panopto is an excellent system for capturing recordings, but it has limits on how much can be processed in a limited time frame. By the time you click the record button you should have rehearsed your entire speech 2-3 times. If you want to get some practice with Panopto, please just create 2-3 30 second practice recordings to get familiar with the system.

IF you continuously record-stop-record-stop and it appears that your recording process will impinge on the ability of others to use the system (i.e. you have more than 5 recordings waiting to process/encode), then we will need to suspend your account. Dozens of faculty, staff, and students use Panopto to record for courses at the School of Communication and Information (SC&I), please help to ensure that everyone has access to the system and a positive recording experience.

Support - Video Resources

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Best Practices/Advice (especially for Instructors)

  • PREP!
  • Forget Editing (You'll spend too much time editing)
  • Focus on your audience
  • Have a good USB microphone
  • Recording quality
    • Recording quality is less important than you might think/Perfection is overrated
    • Learn to love your voice...
    • Headset (keep the mic by your nose)
    • Relax
    • Sip a warm, not hot or cold beverage
  • Title your Slides
  • Short recordings better
    • If you "mess up" just record again
    • Student absorb
    • Remix
  • Anachronism¬†
    • Leave out course name, date, comments about the weather, etc. so recordings can be reused for many purposes
  • Express some emotion/passion
    • Smile while you record (it works)