Two women students

Giving: Women in ITI

It is an exciting time to enter the field of information technology. Technological innovations affect everyone, and they are transforming our lives and our society at a rapid pace. 

IT positions consistently top the list of the highest paying and most in-demand jobs available today. While people who take advantage of these opportunities in IT should represent our diverse population, the reality is that women are a minority in technology-related courses and in the tech industry. Greater diversity leads to new innovations, and in many cases, improved financial performance for the company. Yet, we have not been able to attract and retain a diverse group of people to IT-related opportunities. There are significant obstacles preventing women from pursuing information technology careers, and much work is needed to overcome these challenges. 

The overarching purpose of the Women in ITI Impact Initiative will be to address the global need for more women in IT. More specifically, our work will be focused on increasing the meaningful participation of women in IT through educational opportunities, research collaborations, community building, and mentoring partnerships. The Impact Initiative will be committed to supporting and preparing women to be successful in a wide variety of emerging information technology careers.

To learn more about the Women in ITI Impact Initiative and our efforts to see more women in technology, please contact Sharon Stoerger at

Amount: $300,000 - $500,000