Education Courses

The following three additional non-degree education classes related to pedagogical topics were required by the New Jersey Department of Education for school librarian candidates to apply for the Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS):

  • 17:611:520 Foundations of Education and Theories of Learning for the School Library Media Specialist
  • 17:611:521 Curriculum Design, Integration and Teaching Methodologies for the School Library Media Specialist
  • 17:611:522 Student Learning Development and Behavior Management for the School Library Media Specialist

Over the past few years, Rutgers Library and Information Science department has been incorporating significant content relating to pedagogy, curricular design and learning theory covered by 611:520 and 611:521 non-degree education courses into three degree education courses offered in the MI program. As of September 2019, 611:520, 611:521, and 611:522 non-degree courses will no longer be available.

If you have taken the following three courses below, you will NOT need to take 520 and 521 to qualify for your CEAS. You will have addressed two of the three-course CEAS requirement if you have taken these three courses:

The third course requirement, formerly 611:522 Student Learning Development and Behavior Management for the School Library Media Specialist, will be replaced by an enhanced and updated three-credit course which will be incorporated into our regular course sequence.

Beginning in September 2019 students may take the new course, 17:610:516 Learning, Inclusion, and Student Engagement in School Libraries, as one of the twelve courses in the School Library Concentration. It is possible that recently graduated students will need only to take this one new course, rather than three, to apply for their CEAS. It is also possible that students who have not yet completed their program may be able to fit this course into their program prior to graduation.

Course Description:
Learning, Inclusion, and Student Engagement in School Libraries explores how librarians build and lead collaborative, inclusive and responsive cultures of teaching and learning to motivate all members of the community to develop across American Association of School Librarians’ Standards and learning domains. Students will explore learner characteristics, individual dispositions, learning differences and strategies for fostering responsible behavior and establishing an inclusive, positive, motivating and productive climate in the school, classroom and library.

New Degree Students

Non-matriculated, non-degree courses will not be necessary to apply for the CEAS.

Students Who Entered the Program Beginning Spring 2017

If you have not had the opportunity to take the new course during your regular program, you will be able to take this one additional course (rather than three courses) for your Certification of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS) after completing your MI program with your basic Certificate of Eligibility (CE).

Current School Library Concentration Students

You may consider taking this new course as an elective. If you have already taken your elective and you want to finish with your CEAS before graduation, you may opt to graduate with 39 credits. You may also return to take this one course (rather than three courses) following graduation to meet the requirement for the CEAS.

Non-Degree Students

Contact the Student Services office (after obtaining a NJDOE evaluation) to determine which of the new or existing course(s) are needed to satisfy the state’s education requirements.