PDS Certificate Programs

Professional Development Studies offers three non-credit professional online certificate programs:

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Online, Non-Credit Professional Certificate Program 

Digital Asset Management is no longer a “nice to have. "DAM is “must have” for any business, large, medium or small, as well the museum, cultural heritage, academic, social service and governmental sectors. Regardless of what we do, we need DAM to find our content for our internal use as well as to reach our consumers. Most of us have something in place, but there is always room for improvement.

  • How does DAM get started?
  • Who are the people that are needed to do the job?
  • What skill sets are needed?

The Rutgers Certificate in Digital Asset Management can help you develop targeted skills you need to be successful.

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Recent DAM webinar, The Life and Times of a DAM Professional

Business and Managerial Communication
  • Does your interpersonal communication need to catch up to your career skills?
  • Do you find it challenging working with others on team projects?
  • Are you uncomfortable speaking in front of groups?

We get it – you spent your early professional career trying to get to the top. The top coder, top technician, top designer, top insert-your-skill set here. But somehow, along the way, you forgot that to be at the top you need to be a top communicator, too. Maybe you’ve remained in your comfort zone, but now you’re ready to move up and don’t have the communication skills necessary to do so. Or perhaps you’ve already moved up the ladder but are finding it challenging to communicate effectively with the people under you. Maybe you’re just uncomfortable in social situations, even the ones related to your skillset. Whatever the reason may be, you’re stuck in a communication breakdown and need a way out. Or, perhaps you’ve always realized the importance of good communication skills and you want to brush up with the current best practices and earn a professional certificate to show for it. Well, look no further than the Rutgers Online Certificate in Business and Managerial Communication.

This certificate program will address a number of communication topics business and organizations need, from the reminders of what we already know but should be doing more of or better, to more complicated theories. This program begins by addressing your own communication style. How can you hone your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses unless you identify them? Then you’ll begin identifying different types of communication and how they differ – the way you speak in an internal meeting or at a conference should be different than the way you write or present to clients. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to effectively work in teams, exploring theories and best practices with your fellow classmates and instructors.

New courses are starting each month and you can apply to the program at anytime. Once you are accepted, you can register for our classes. Please see our Courses page for more detailed information.

Public Relations
  • Are you a PR professional who needs to improve upon your social media outreach?
  • Do you need to expand your PR horizons and learn better practices for your career?
  • Are you a professional who’s been tasked with taking on new PR and marketing responsibilities but you don’t know where to begin?

Whether you’re looking to expand upon your already vast knowledge of PR best practices, implement social media even though you’re not very social media savvy, or you’re transitioning into PR and need to learn practical, proven strategies, the Rutgers Online Certificate in Public Relations can help you get there. This certificate program moves beyond the basics, helping you understand the ethics and business aspects behind PR. You’ll then delve deep into the PR industry, exploring best practices for PR communication writing as well as learning about PR measurement, social media strategies, and crises and reputation management. By exploring the theories and tactics behind a successful PR campaign, you’ll be able to effectively apply these best practices to your own team or organization, taking your already booming or burgeoning PR career and campaign to the next level.

New courses are starting each month and you can apply to the program at anytime. Once you are accepted, you can register for our classes. Please see our Courses page for more detailed information.